Barbering Industry Is Dying – HERE HOW TO FAIL PROOF IN 2024

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Is Barbering a Dying trade

Many people assume that the barbering industry is dying out for one reason or another. Despite evidence to the contrary, many still believe that this industry will soon be obsolete; however, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, barbering is still a very relevant profession.

That means barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists are very much in high demand! The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for these professions will grow by 19% between 2020 – 2030. That means there is plenty of job opportunity for those that want to pursue a career in this industry.

This article will cover some interesting statistics that prove that barbering is not dying out. I’ll also provide some helpful advice on pursuing a career in the hair grooming industry. Keep reading to learn more about how to keep the barbering industry thriving!

What is the history of barbering as a trade?

Most people can tell you what a barber does, but few are familiar with the history of this profession. Barbering has been around since the beginning of human civilization. The first barbers were highly skilled with hand-made tools that they would use to shave and trim hair. Professional barbers were highly respected in ancient Egypt, and their services were only offered to the upper-class Egyptian citizens.

Barbering has come a long way since its wondrous beginnings in ancient civilization. Today it is still a relevant trade, and while the tools used by barbers have advanced a great deal, the core principles of this profession are still very much the same. This is why barbering is still a thriving job in modern society.

What is the hair grooming industry doing to stay relevant?

Over the years, the personal care service industry has stayed relevant in society by adapting to the latest trends and focusing on the quality of service. The ability to adapt to the times is what keeps this industry thriving.

With new hairstyles coming out almost daily, it can be challenging for men’s hairstylist shops to keep up with these changes. However, over the years, barbers and hairstyles learned it’s essential to keep up with barbering trends and the latest haircutting tools.

The personal grooming service industry understands that a relaxing environment is important to the prosperity of their business. This is why many barbershops have invested in high-quality chairs, TVs, and even game systems for customers to enjoy while they wait. Some shops even offer liquor to clients that are of age! The idea is if customer’s waiting experience is positive, and they feel welcomed, they’ll return and continue to support their barbershop.

Keeping up with industry demands

What are some things that may contribute to the barbering industry dying?

While the hair grooming industry has done great things to stay relevant, some issues may contribute to the industry decline. Since the start, many problems have been around, but new issues like current crisis 19 have recently made waves within the industry.

Long wait times, available appointments, the current medical crisis 19 are factors that may contribute to declining barber visits.

  • Long wait times: If people have to wait too long to get their haircuts, they may decide it’s not worth waiting and go elsewhere.
  • Appointments availability: Some hair grooming shops require advanced appointments, while others allow walk-ins. If a barbershop only schedules appointments that require days or weeks to get an appointment, then those who need a haircut right away may go elsewhere.
  • Current crisis 19: This is a very touchy subject, so I won’t go into too much detail, but the 19 crisis has shaken the grooming industry and may have changed it forever. This crisis has caused some not to attend social events or even interact with others in person. Both Barbershops and hair salons are set up to be a social environment.
  • Increase in home haircuts: There has been an increase in home haircuts in the last couple of years. This means that more people are doing their hair instead of going to a barber or stylist.

If these places cannot operate as intended and the new trends move towards home shape-ups and haircuts, the industry may become irrelevant. This may be problematic for the industry as a whole. However, I am confident the hair grooming industry will overcome these issues and continue to be an integral part of modern society for years to come.

How to become a barber?

In order for the personal grooming service industry to continue to thrive, new barbers, hairstylists and cosmetologists must join the workforce. While the process of becoming a barber varies from state to state, it typically takes 1,500 hours in a licensed barber school to be permitted to sit for the exam. In addition, you must be at least 16 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and pass the appropriate licensing exam.

While becoming a barber is a lengthy process, it is worth it! Many people in the cosmetology field enjoy their jobs and continue honing their skills to meet demands.

Is barbering a hard job?

The physical demands of barbering can be exhausting and hard on your body. You may experience muscles that hurt, joints that ache, and overall soreness all over your body.

Barbers are on their feet most of the day; they’re constantly moving, turning, angling, crouching and using their hands to complete each haircut. In that sense, it is a hard job; however, it’s not mentally taxing like some other jobs (e.g., computer programming).

Most barbers are passionate about their profession and enjoy what they do; that alone is enough to keep them going.

How much do master barbers get paid?

With the hair grooming industry growth, you may be wondering about the average salary of a master barber.

The salary of a Master Barber (barbershop manager) can vary greatly depending on where they are located. For example, the average annual earnings in New York hover around $52K, while those living near Florida will only make about 38 thousand dollars per year. The highest-paid Master Barbers can make $68K or more!

The drastic wage differences are due to the location and cost of living in each area. For example, New York City’s residents have a much higher cost of living than those in Florida.

States like Idaho, New Mexico, and Mississippi also have much lower salaries than other states. $38k would be appropriate in these states, but it would be tough to get by in the big city!

Final thoughts about the “barbering industry is dying”

The barber industry is set to boom over the next decade. Master Barbers have a lot more opportunities than ever before. While some issues need to be fixed, the future is bright for those interested in becoming barbers, hairdressers, or cosmetologists.

If you’re looking for an exciting career where you can make money and help people look their best, the personal hair grooming industry could be perfect for you!

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