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Why do barbers talk so much? 5 fool-proof ways to shut them up!

Why do barbers talk so much

This article is about how to handle barber talk too much during haircuts and how to get them to be quiet. 

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Do you find that barbers are the most talkative people in your life? It’s not just you. Many people have had their ears assaulted by a barrage of small-talk from their stylists. If you’re anything like me, you hate small talk, especially when it’s about a topic I have no interest in… such as molding cheese.

At this point, you’d be well in your rights to ask yourself, “why the hell am I sitting in a barber’s chair when I could just cut my hair at home?”. Alright, maybe molding cheese is a little extreme, but you get the picture.

I will tell you how to end unwanted conversations with your talkative barbers with 5 tips to shut your barber up! These hacks will save your ears from unnecessary torture and stop the barber that keeps talking when you’re trying to get out of the chair after your haircut.

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Why do barbers talk so much?

There are many reasons why a hairstylist or barber might ramble on and on. Barbers are trained to talk; it’s part of their job to make you feel comfortable, entertained and sell you all the other services. This strategy makes perfect sense.

The common consensus is if they can keep you entertained during haircuts they will earn a larger tip. Let’s be honest, it’s a clever tactic, and it works.

But that isn’t the only reason barbers talk so much. Thanks to the latest studies on human behavior, we now know why barbers chat up their clients. According to researchers, small talk is a defense tactic to avoid awkward silences. In other words, it’s a safety blanket to keep us from being uncomfortable.

Believe it or not, most hairstylists and barbers do not talk to annoy you. If they don’t say anything, they know you might become uneasy, resulting in poor customer reviews.

Why wouldn’t I want to speak during a haircut?

There could be several reasons why a person may not want to speak during a haircut. You may have social anxiety, or you may be tired, or you may just not be feeling it. I’m sure they wouldn’t be offended as long as it’s not because you’re being rude to your barber.

Whatever your reason for not wanting to speak to your barber is, here are 5 things to say when he asks you something.

5 fool-proof hacks to stop small talk with a barber

The following tips below will prevent any unwanted conversation with your barber. They are fool-proof ways to end small talk that may lead to prolonged haircuts or, worse, a bad haircut.

Close your eyes during haircuts

Close Your Eyes to avoid talking to your barber

If you want to end a casual conversation at the barbershop, close your eyes. People are more likely to stop talking when they don’t have visual cues that you’re listening to them. Your barber will stop talking to you when they notice you’re tired.

The only possible downside to this strategy is that you might fall asleep and wake up with an uneven cut. Snippy barbers everywhere! I’m only kidding; most good barbers can maneuver their clients‘ heads with a light touch. Your haircut will probably turn out just fine.

Don’t tell my barber, but the sound of his voice is annoying. I pretend to be napping to get my barber to stop talking. So trust me when I say your barber will get the hint. I don’t even open my eyes when I put money in the tip jar. Anther joke, don’t judge me!

If you’re uncomfortable with closing your eyes, continue reading for more great tips to stop your stylist from talking a lot.

Let your barber know you’re pressed for time.

barbers talk too much

A good way to get your barber to shut up is by telling him you’re short on time. By letting your hairstylist know that you’re in a rush, they’ll focus on your haircut instead of holding a conversation. Honestly, that sounds like a win-win situation, right? You’ll be able to cut the small talk, and you get out faster!

Most people understand the value of time, so this approach should be fairly straightforward. it will also benefit your barber because they’ll get through their scheduled appointments much faster. If telling your barber you’re pressed for time isn’t your thing, move on to the next tip on the list.

Tell your barber you’re not feeling well.

Quiet your stylist by telling them you're not feeling well

Usually, if you inform your hairdresser that you’re feeling under the weather, they’ll stop talking. However, I should warn you, don’t use this as an excuse too often. Otherwise, they’ll know you’re faking it!

Your barber will often work faster to get you out of their chair and onto the next customer. This is to reduce the chance of you spreading germs around the shop. Consider saying you have a stomach bug rather than the flu.

With the widespread event of 2020 that affected the world, I wouldn’t be so quick to say you have flu-like symptoms from this tactic. Your barber may refuse to cut your hair or even send you home if they think your condition is worst than it is.

The 2020 event has altered the way barbers handle sick customers. This trick may not work as well as before; instead, it may be better to use one of the other tactics listed in this article.

Stay safe guys!

Bring alone a talkative friend

bring talkative friend to talk barber talks too much

This is my favorite way to get my barber to stop talking to me, and it’s also the easiest. If you have a friend who loves talking even more than your barber, bring them along for an extra-long conversation.

With this option, you get the best of both worlds. Your friend gets to be entertained, and you can spend your haircut doing whatever you want – reading a magazine, playing with your phone, or just zoning out completely!

Your barber will keep talking, but not with you. The person you brought will talk even more, enough to keep your barber occupied. You’ll both be happy and get a cut and a chance to relax.

Offer chewing gum during your haircuts.

Chew gum during your haircuts to shut your barber up

It is frowned upon to chew gum while getting a shape-up or a haircut. However, there’s nowhere in the haircut rulebook that says your barber can’t chew gum. What better way to shut up a chatty barber than to offer them a stick of gum?

Your hairstylist is least likely to continue their story about how to mold cheese if they’re busy chewing gum. So, next time you find yourself in a talkative barber chair, offer your barber gum from an unopened pack. Your barber is more likely to accept gum from an unopened pack rather than an opened pack.

You will be able to enjoy some silence and fresh breath, and your barber will appreciate the gesture.

Bonus Tips to keep your barber quiet

Here are a couple of bonus tips that didn’t make the top 5 hacks, but they’re still sure to keep your barber quiet.

Read a book during your haircut.

If you want your barber to talk less, try bringing a book or a magazine to read during your next haircut. Your stylist will likely get the hint quickly and stop chatting you up, and they will assume you do not want to talk.

Don’t keep eye contact during your haircut.

Avoid making eye contact with your barber as much as you can. Your hairdresser will stop trying so hard to engage you in conversation if they think you’re not interested. Look up at the ceiling or straight ahead instead of directly at the mirror in front of you.

FAQ that relates to keeping your barber quiet.

Here are some common questions that arise when discussing the topic of this article.

Is it weird not to talk to your barber?

It is not weird not to speak, but you should at least greet them. If you are not interested in talking to your barber, simply keep your responses short and polite. Keeping your answers short is a great way to avoid any awkwardness.

Barbers are well aware that their duty is to cut hair and not engage in deep conversations. However, they are also mindful that talking to their customers can encourage them to come back. That’s a big incentive for barbers to engage in small talk.

Is it rude to switch barbers?

It is not rude to switch stylists because your barber talks a lot. Usually, if you walk in for a haircut during peak hours, you can go to the first available barber other than your regular barber. This way, it won’t be so obvious why you switched barbers.

Another way to switch barbers is to go when your regular barber is not there, and it won’t be awkward when you decide to go to a new barber next time. Hairstylists understand that clients may choose to go to another barber for various reasons; they won’t take it personally.

Do barbers get offended?

As long as you aren’t rude, you will not get offended if you do not wish to speak with them. Your barber should understand your need for silence, especially if you are reading a book or using your phone.

You would be surprised to know; some barbers prefer to work in silence. I suggest letting your stylist know when haircut style you want before they even put the cape on. This will avoid confusion about your preferences and save you and your barber unnecessary small talk.


When you’re in the barber’s chair, it can be hard to avoid hearing them talk. There’s usually a TV on at the shop, and they’ll always have some opinions about politics or sports. Oh, and let’s not forget about the long winding stories about how “molding cheese”! Some barbers get chatty when you’re in their chair, but the tips I’ve provided in this article will help you avoid that.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found the information valuable on how to keep your barber quiet! Like always, please like, share, and subscribe to the website! Thanks for reading!

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