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Barber too Rough

3 things you should do if your barber is too rough

Have you ever had a barber that was way too rough when cutting your hair? So, what should you do if your barber is too rough?

You might even be upset with yourself for not saying something. Well, you are not alone. Many people don’t say anything because they fear the barber might get offended or upset.

Is there something you do to avoid getting a harsh haircut next time around? Keep on reading for the answers to your questions.

What is a rough haircut?

A rough haircut is when the hairstylist positions your head aggressively or hurt you during haircuts with their clipper. The pain can range from a slight sting to a headache that lasts the rest of the day. 

What does it mean when your scalp hurts after a haircut?

If your scalp often hurts after a haircut, then you’ve just gotten a rough haircut. The discomfort on your scalp is your body telling you something is wrong.

The barber uses various tools and techniques to trim your hair during a haircut. One of these is combing, and it can be done either gently or roughly. If your barber combs your hair aggressively, then that’s when they’re being too rough. Ouch!

Rough grooming practice could cause damage to your hair, and in worst cases, it could even cause permanent baldness. 

Do barbers know when they are being too rough?

Most barbers do not know they are being too rough. Some hairstyles require them to use more pressure on your head than others. Styles that require a lot of craftsmanship will require more force than simple flat tops. Other times the barber may be rushing or clumsy with the clippers.

On the other hand, some barbers are careless about their roughness, and these barbers are bad and should be reported on Yelp review. There is a good chance your barber is rough with other customers, and a simple Yelp review can go a long way.

Barber too rough: A Yelp review does two things.

First, it alerts other potential customers about bad barbering. Second, it proactively sets the standard for how barbing should be done. Ideally, no one wants to do this, but you are doing a civic duty by warning people.

Secondly, it allows the barber to do something about it. If they know they’re being too rough, they can change their ways and be better at their job. I wouldn’t bash your barber’s work to get revenge, and I would give constructive criticism so they can improve their work.

3 effective ways to get your styles to be gentle when cutting your hair

Below are some tips to help you effectively communicate with your barber they are hurting you during the haircut.

Tell the barber they are hurting you.

The most effective way to let your barber know they are hurting you is to tell them. By letting your barber know, they can adjust how they cut your hair.

  • Say “please go lighter” or “that hurts”.
  • You can tell them by simply saying “Ow” or “ouch” throughout the haircut.

Be specific

Tell your barber exactly what bothers you. It may be the way they are holding the clippers. Avoid sounding rude when telling your barber to adjust how they cut your hair. Most barbers will make the needed adjustments to make your experience better.

Use body language to inform your barber you are in pain.

Body language is a great way to communicate with your barber. If you are in pain, there are various ways you can communicate this.

One way is to move away from your barber subtly. Your barber will usually follow these cues and adjust their speed and pressure accordingly. Barbers are well aware that keeping their customers happy is to make sure they are comfortable.

You can also use non-verbal communication cues like wincing, frowning, closing your eyes, or breathing deeply. A good barber will generally recognize that you are not comfortable and adjust the pressure.

Select long haircut styles

Avoiding certain hairstyles or haircuts is one way to help your barber avoid causing pain. Select a style that won’t pull on or cause discomfort to the scalp. Choose long haircut styles that will not require a lot of pressure to cut.


There are a few ways you let your barber know they are hurting you during the haircut. Making them aware is the first step to having better barbering sessions. Express your discomfort by using body language or make it clear you are in pain. Avoid certain haircut styles if they require too much pressure to cut. Finally, using Yelp review can help change how barbers approach their craft.

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