11 easy tips that’ll make a bad haircut before a date go unnoticed

bad haircut before a first date

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A bad haircut before first date is crucial… Honestly, that bad haircut before your first date could be the difference between keeping your tinder account or finding your soulmate. As men, we’ve all experienced a bad haircut or just hated the hairstyle for one reason or another.

Personally, I am one of those guys who tries to look their best prior to meeting a potential date. This means, in an effort to put your best foot forward occasionally things don’t always go as planned. Nine out of ten times it may result in a bad hairstyle before the date that causes even more anxiety. Your hair is usually one of the first things your date will notice.

Luckily, there are some things you can do prior to and even during your date that makes that horrible haircut irrelevant. Some of these tips are so good your date may even grow fond of your terrible haircut during the date! I’m excited… Without further ado, let’s get to it!

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What causes a terrible haircut?

There could be a multitude of things that may affect the outcome of your haircut before a date. It could be as simple as a slight movement that turns a normal cut into a horrible haircut. If you’ve read some of my other posts then you know about the time I gave someone an awful haircut. As I was cutting his hair the guy sneezed resulting in his line up being uneven.

terrible haircut

Let’s take a deeper look at a few things that can cause a bad haircut for date.

  • Barber’s lack of skills – a barber’s haircutting skill is one of the biggest reasons for a poor haircut. Note that barbers that are a novice or haven’t mastered their haircut skills may result in a trash haircut.
  • Distracting your barber – There’s nothing wrong with talking to your barber during a haircut but also keep in mind too much talking could be distracting. Talking your barber to death or interrupting them to answer phone calls or show them things on your phone is a bad idea. Doing so will probably result in an undesirable haircut.
  • Constant movement – This one is a big one… One of the most frustrating things is when someone continuously moves during a haircut. This act will almost always cause issues and not to mention annoys the heck out of your barber. Some movements are unintentional and beyond your control such as sneezing and coughing. A natural movement like coughing and sneezing your barber will understand.
  • Old or dirty haircutting equipment – Most people overlook the fact that a bad haircut could be caused by dirty haircutting equipment. When the hair trimmers or t outliners collect hair and skin particle between the blades, they become difficult to use. Old hair cutting tool has a similar effect, they sometimes chip within the blade and can cause skin cuts and uneven haircuts.

How long to grow out a bad haircut?

If you have a bad haircut before a date, you’re likely wondering how long your hair will take to grow back. The answer varies… It depends on your diet intake, genetics, haircare routine, and your ethnicity.

Through research, I found that hair grows about half an inch per month and a total of six inches per year. It should be noted that this rate is an average across races, so individual evaluation may show different growth rates.

Keep in mind that straighter hair grows a little faster than curly hair. Asian hair grows slightly faster than the average, Caucasian hair grows near the average, and black hair grows a bit slower than average. There you have it, hopefully, that helps you estimate your hair growth after a bad haircut before a date.

How do you prevent a bad haircut before first date?

Preventing a bad haircut before a first date is not impossible, it just requires a handful of things. Here are a few ways to avoid a terrible haircut before you go on a date…

Prevention tips

  • Communicate clearly what you want – Before your barber starts cutting explain in detail what you want and how you want your haircut. Note that by telling your barber what you want will minimize the chances of a terrible haircut. Trust me, your barber will appreciate you telling them prior instead of during the haircut.
  • Avoid sudden movement – Keep in mind that moving around during a haircut makes it harder on your barber. When you’re getting a haircut is not the time to touch your face, pull your phone out or reach for items. Sitting still during a haircut is your best bet, the last thing you need is a bad hairstyle before date.
  • Watch your barber cut hair – I feel this is a big one but such an underrated tip… Arrive at the barbershop early to watch the barber cut hair before they cut your hair, especially if it’s the first cut. This way you can determine if the barber is the right fit for you, if they’re a bad fit you can simply walk out.
  • Reframe from distracting barber – Avoid distracting your barber while they’re working on giving you a haircut at all cost. Distracting your barber can be costly, a bad haircut date is a price I’m sure you’d want to avoid. Trust me, jokes or whatever you want to show your barber could wait until after your haircut.
  • Avoid moisture – Keeping your hair free from moisture such as water, oil and hair products make it easier on your barber. The moisture from wet hair causes your hair to get stuck between the clippers causing uneven hair patches. Consider washing your hair the night before to remove hair products and allow your hair to dry before a haircut.

How likely your date will notice a bad haircut before a date?

The chances of your date noticing your bad haircut before a date are slim to none, they’ll notice it during the date. A little humor, for you guys!

Honesty, it just depends on the severity of how horrendous of a haircut that you have. A minor imperfection such as a slightly higher taper on one side of a drop fade will not draw attention. Let’s change it up, if you have one side higher in your hairline then that will likely be noticed.

You’ll just have to assess your hair then weigh your options and then decide whether to go on your date.

Should you cancel because of a bad haircut before a date?

Let’s face it a bad haircut first date could turn off a potential mate and ruin your chances of getting to know them. That a risky gamble to take if you truly like that person… so, should you cancel a date if you have a shitty haircut? There are some factors you should consider before making your decision.

Reasons to cancel:

  • Your haircut is so bad that it’s beyond repair. In such a case you’re probably better served to cancel the date.
  • Cause insecurity. Insecurity is definitely a mood killer especially if it’s over a bad haircut. I suggest calling off the date, you don’t want a potential mate thinking you have a crappy personality on top of a terrible haircut.

Reasons not to cancel:

  • Will your date accept a raincheck? Before you decide to cancel on your date make sure you’re able to reschedule. Some people have a zero-tolerance for cancelation if the reasoning is subpar. In such a case, if this is someone you really want to get to know it’s probably wise not to cancel. You may not get another chance.
  • Are you able to adjust? A good reason not to cancel your date is if you’re able to make the best out of the situation. If you’re one of these people, a bad haircut before a date is no reason to cancel.

A bad haircut before the first date could totally throw you off your game and may lead you to cancel a date. I certainly believe there are ways around a bad haircut prior to a date, it takes creativity and thinking outside the box! I’ll share some tips to achieve just that!

Things you can do prior to meeting if you have a bad haircut a date

So, what do you do if you have a bad haircut for date? What should you do? Is there anything you can do before or during the date to draw attention away for your horrible hair?

Yes, even if you have a bad hairstyle you can still fix it or draw attention away from it. Let’s take a look at what are some options available in order to fix a bad haircut before a date.

Prior to meeting date tips

  1. Lower haircut – If your haircut is beyond repair, try lowering hairstyle or go completely bald. Keeping your hair low avoids anyone noticing a bad haircut before date.
  2. Hair fiber – Some time cutting your hair low isn’t an option, in such cases use hair fibers to correct uneven edge up. The hair fiber could be used to cover hair patches as well!
  3. Be fashionable – One way to draw attention away from an awful haircut is to dress to impress! Dressing well could buy you some extra points and make up for any you lost because of your bad haircut.
  4. Use scent – That’s right, use scent to your advantage! Wear your best smelling cologne to capture the attention of your date. A good that I like is Jean Paul Gaultier, trust my your date will forget about your hair and be all over you.
  5. Cover it up – Cover a bad hairline or haircut with a hat or bandana! By wear a hat or a bandana, you’ll be able to hide bad haircut before a date. Not only does the headgear cover a terrible haircut, but they also are stylish, a good talking point and they display personality.
  6. Get another haircut – Sometimes going back to the barbershop does the trick. I suggest going to a different barber and see if they can fix the bad haircut. Going back to the same barber who messed up your haircut the first time may just make things worse.
  7. Take advantage of Accessories – Consider wear accessories as a way to redirect eyes and distract from the terrible haircut. Items such as bright fancy neckties, jewelry, scarfs will usually do the trick!

During date tips

Check out the list below, they are a few things you can do during your date to deflect from your horrible haircut.

  1. Act normal – I can’t stress this enough… BE YOURSELF!! Too many times people overdo it and try to be someone they’re not. A great personality goes a long way and will definitely cause your date to look past your horrendous cut.
  2. Tell jokes – Keeping your date laughing is a great sign. Laughter is a path to the heart! If you’re able to keep your date laughing that means they’re enjoying your company and will not notice your dreadful hair.
  3. Pick date interactive date – A great tip is to pick an environment that involves physical activities and fun setting. Consider a date that involves activities such as rock climbing, hiking, adult arcade and even going bowling. Chances are your date will be so wrapped up they’re not going to notice your hair during your date.
  4. Be confident – The line between confidence and arrogance is pretty thin but understanding when not to cross the line could be beneficial. Once your date notices your confidence, they’ll become more attracted to you and won’t care what’s going on up top.

I can assure you if you do some or all the tips suggested above, you should be fine. I can almost guarantee your date will not notice your bad hairdo. You can fine-tune the suggestion and find what works best for you!


We all know a bad haircut before a date could turn your first meeting into a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a series of things you can do before and even during your date to hide a dreadful haircut.

There is a multitude of things that leads to a terrible haircut, prevention is key to eliminate embarrassment later. By avoiding constant movements and distracting your barber during a haircut will help prevent mistakes.

Of course, some things are out of your control and we can’t prevent everything… Following the simple suggestions listed above could avoid your date noticing your terrible hair.

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