Why are there so many men wearing durag under hat?

wearing durag under hat

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve noticed quite a few men wearing durag under hat. What the deal with the look? How can wear a hat over a durag be beneficial for your hair?

I used to wonder can I wear a hat with waves, or if doing so was a disservice to my waves. Back in the day, I had a friend who wore a ball cap every day and still had great 360 waves. I discovered his secret of how he was able to keep his waves spinning and continue to wear fitted caps.

I adopted wearing a durag under my fitted hat and was able to protect my hair and my hats.

When wearing a durag under hat you protect your 360 waves from your hat. The durag keeps your hair in place while you have a baseball hat on. Not only do you protect your hair, but you are also able to protect your hat as well. A durag prevents wave products from getting on your hat. Another benefit of wearing a hat over your durag it helps keep the pressure on your hair especially while you’re in the wolfing wave phase.

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In this article I’ll explain what you can expect when you wear a durag under your fitted hat.

Will wearing a durag under a hat give you better waves? 360 waves before and after

I researched whether a hat and du rag could increase wave results years before I ever thought about writing this article. I’ll give you a hint and I’m showing my age. Get rich and Die album was out and my favorite rapper at the time 50 cent always wore a fitted over his durag.


Enough reminiscing let’s get back on topic! The question at hand is can wearing a durag under hat enhance your 360 waves? Yes, wearing a hat over your durag will help enhance your wave. Only will it improve your hair waves, it’ll protect your hair as well. I’ll explain further in the next section.

How does wearing durag under hat protect your 360 waves?

I briefly mentioned in the intro that wearing durag under hat will protect your waves. It’s true, I can vouch for it! In my early teenage years, I either wore double durags to prevent hair from sticking up or rocked a hat over a single durag.

Wearing a durag under hat kept the hair in a stable position whenever the hat is placed on the head and removed. Putting on and removing a fitted without a du-rag over the hair would ruin your wave progression. That would not be a practicable practice if your goal is to achieve 360 waves.

Does wearing a durag under a hat make your hair smell bad?

Wearing a durag with a hat will not make your hair smell bad. This does not mean that your durag will not start to stink if you don’t wash it. A dirty durag and hat will certainly make your hair smell bad. You should wash your durag after every couple of wears to prevent it from smelling bad.

Your durag collects perspiration, oils and hair products from the head. This is why it is important to have multiple durags available to you that way you’ll have a spare whenever you wash the dirty one.

How often should you wash your hair if you wear a durag under a hat?

You should wash your hair at least two to three times a week when you wear a hat over your durag. You must remember that you’re putting all kinds of hair and wave products on your head. These products have all sorts of chemicals that are stewing in your scalp and being absorbed.

Wash your hair routinely remove the product chemicals and clean your hair. I should also mention that washing your hair on a regular basis help stimulate your scalp for hair growth.

Check out “Process of preparing wolfing 360 waves before a haircut” to learn the correct way to wash your 360 waves and wolfing wave tips.

Should you wear a size up if you wear a durag under your hat?

A good rule when wearing a durag underneath your hat is to wear a size bigger than you would normally. Do this to give your head room for ventilation and that you’re not putting too much pressure on your head.

If your hat and durag are too tight it’ll leave lines as well as dark marks on your forehead. Believe me, you don’t want your durag and hat being too tight. Not only will you have lines and marks, but it’ll also cause you to have other skin irritations like rashes and bumps.

Keep in mind if your hat is too tight over your durag it can cause your hair to smell bad. In other words, give your headroom to breathe in order to avoid complications.

Check the link to Amazon for great deals on fitted hats and snapback hats to rock over your durag!

Can you wear a durag under a beanie?

Yes, you can absolutely wear a durag under a beanie. There isn’t any rule that says you cannot, honestly, it’s a matter of preference.

When it’s cold outside I normally wear a beanie over my durag. The winters in New York and Missouri are no joke! You would have to be insane to walk out in the middle of January with a durag and fitted on your head.

Does wearing a hat over a durag help preserve a haircut?

Wearing a hat over a durag will help build 360 waves, however, this method will not keep your hair from growing. This means that your haircut will last the normal two to three weeks.

I don’t know where the myth came from, but it has been around for years. As a kid I remember hearing “keep a durag to keep your cut fresh” and I believed it. I was so gullible back then!

With that being said, combining a hat and durag will make your haircut look as if you just left a barbershop a month removed. Hate to break it to you guys but it’s a myth!


The fashionable look of wearing a du rag under the hat is widely used by young African American men and women. When you wear a durag under your hat, it protects your hair waves and keeps your hair in place.

Wearing a hat over your du-rag is a look that has been embraced by rappers and athletes which make it appealing and pretty popular by the youth masses. Though combining the durag and fitted looks great, keep in mind that there is a time and place to when you should wear them. So formal events such as weddings and formal dance would not be appropriate for hats and durags.

I thought I’d leave you all with a good laugh… The video below is a voiceover from My Mixtape Youtube channel. You’ll get a kick out of Dwayne Wade making fun of LeBron James wearing a du rag! Please be advised that the video contains some strong languages and is not suitable for kids.

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