Can Haitian black castor oil / lwil maskriti promote male hair growth?

haitian castor oil for men

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What is Haitian black castor oil or as most older Haitians know it lwil maskriti? As a Haitian American who grew up in a traditional Haitian household which means haitian black castor oil is a staple. I am not kidding when I say Haitian black oil was used for everything health-related. You had a headache… lwil maskriti, had a fever… lwil maskriti, sprained wrist… I think you get the point. This brings me to my next point…

I also remember my mom always using Haitian black castor oil while combing my younger sister’s hair, she was convinced that is promote hair growth. In my quest to grow my hair out I decided to investigate and write about it! So, what is Haitian black castor oil or lwil maskriti? Will it help promoting male hair growth?

Haitian black castor oil is made from the Ricinus communis plant. Haitian farmer’s process of creating Haitian castor oil includes roasting, grinding, and cooking the castor seeds. Once the lwil maskriti darken in color and give off a peanut smelling aroma it is then ready.

Haitian Black Castor Oil helps promote hair growth because it contains proteins, vitamin E, minerals, Omega 6 and 9 beneficial fatty acids. These ingredients are essential and is everything that’s needed to grow an afro, locs and even a full beard.

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In this article, I’ll go into further detail about Haitian black oil and how it can promote hair growth for men.

Is lwil maskritti all-natural?

Yes, lwil maskritti is all-natural… Authentic black castor oil does not have any preservative nor is it produces by a scientist in a lab. Due to its growing popularity with people who want to grow their hair naturally, the demand for Haitian castor oil has increased. Because of growing demands there’s an increase of production of Haitian hair oil, now can find it in local stores.

I briefly mentioned that Haitian black castor oil is made from Ricinus communis, which is the actual name of the plant.


The Ricinus communis is a fast-growing tropical shrub that can reach the size of a small tree. The small size tree can reach 12 m (39 ft) in ideal conditions. It’s should be noted that this plant thrives in a warmer climate and can not grow in cold conditions.

The smooth leaves are about 15–45 cm (5.9–17.7 in) long. When the plant is matured it blooms a seed capsule that contains the castor bean.

Take A look at the video below and see how the castor oil is made!


The seen from the castor bean is used to create the Haitian black castor oil. During the production process, the castor bean is picked, seeded, pressed and cooked to release the oils. **This process of extracting the castor oil has been done by Haitian for many generations.

Other distinctive features of the castor plant are it’s purplish long-stalked and palmate with five to twelve deep lobes with coarsely toothed segments.


Besides hair growth, what is Haitian black castor oil good for?

Traditional Haitians use black castor oil as a cure-all and are used daily. Lwil maskritti is used to helps to fight acne, ease joint pain, and promote healthy skin. This is because of the ricinoleic acid in Haitian black castor oil, it can promote an increased rate of cell tissues collagen and elastin.

Elastin and collagen are needed to keep you looking youthful. Both are two very important tissues found deep in the skin. Haitian Black Castor Oil is an all-natural lubricant which means it moisturizes by capturing water vapor towards the skin and body.

I should mention dry skin is the main culprit when developing wrinkles. This causes you to look older and not to mention it can cause you to be ashy…

Is Haitian castor oil good for your hair?

Let’s talk about it… is black castor oil good for your hair? To give you a flat-out answer… Yes! It’s great for your hair. Not only does help with hair growth it offers essential nourishment for your hair.

Lwil maskritti has Ricinoleic acid, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. When Haitian hair oil is applied to the scalp it speeds up blood circulation and increases hair growth.

The oil also fights the common cause of hair loss with Vitamin E a natural antioxidant. Haitian Black Castor Oils offers added benefits such as anti-bacterial, and antiviral which fights scalp infections and decrease bald patches and alopecia.

When should black castor oil be applied to the head?

In the previous section, I talked about the benefits of Haitian black castor oil offers… Well, when should you use the oil?

Of course, let’s remove the oblivious reason for wanting to grow your hair. Let’s focus on other reasons you may decide to use lwil maskritti on your head.

  • Dry scalp – If you suffer dry scalp then you should consider using Haitian black castor oil. The castor oil will help keep your head moisturized and decrease skin flake in your hair. You can still use the Haitian hair oil even if you’re using dandruff shampoo and conditioners.


  • Bald spots – When I tell you that my parents used pure Haitian black castor oil is an all-purpose cure-all I am not kidding. I personally had experience with curing a bald spot with lwil maskritti! Remember when I said that pure Haitian black castor oil contains Ricinoleic acid which increases collagen and elastin? Well, Ricinoleic acid also helps rejuvenate the skin, increase blood flow which stimulates hair growth in affected areas.


  • Locs breakage – When dreadlocks lose their moisture the locs become dry and brittle, making them more prone to breakage. Just like issues of dry scalps the Haitian hair oil can resolve the problem. Haitian castor oil has the ability to keep dry locs moisturized and prevent them from braking.

As you can see from the unwanted hair conditions listed above there are other benefits to using Haitian black castor oil besides hair growth.

Best ways to apply Haitian hair grease!

There are two approaches when applying Haitian hair grease to the head. The route you choose will depend on what kind of hairstyle you have. There is no wrong way to use Haitian castor oil but to maximize your expectation its best that you follow my directions.

  • Dreadlocks – When applying lwil maskritti to your locs, dip your primary finger into the oil then gently follow along with dread parts in your scalp. Be sure to also apply the Haitian hair oil to loc strands to avoid any dry dread breakage.


  • Afro hair – The method for the afro is a little different than locs when applying Haitian castor hair oil. In this case, you’ll need to part your hair to your scalp then apply the hair oil with a finger. Another good idea is to pick your afro out to stimulate the scalp with the oil and get some of it in your hair.


  • Low haircut – This low-cut hairstyle is the easiest to apply oil to. All you need is about a dime size of Haitian lwil maskritti in your palm. You then would need to rub it into your hands then apply in the same direction as hair grain. Make sure to brush your hair afterward and throw on a du-rug to maximize your 360 waves!


  • Braids – To be honest, applying lwil maskritti to braid is very similar to applying oil to dreadlocks. When you apply the oil to your hair make sure not to put too much or else, you’ll clumps in your braids.


How often you use Haitian black castor grease?

Your usage rate of the Haitian black castor grease as part of your hair regiment solely depends on your presence. I typically use the Haitian hair grease about two to three times a week. I try to avoid overusing the black oil as you’ll notice clumps and it’ll make your hair look greasy.

Your reason for using Haitian castor oil may be different than minds and require may that you use it more. I suggest starting off using it once or twice a week then gradually increase your usage.

Should black castor oil be warmed before applying to hair?

It is not necessary to warm Haitian black castor oil before applying it to your hair. However, warming the Haitian black oil will better serve you. The Haitian black castor oil for hair is very thick, which makes it tough to apply to the hair.

When you warm up the thick oil, the Haitian castor oil will thin out which makes it easy to apply to your scalp. You only to need to warn the Haitian hair oil for about ten to fifteen seconds in the microwave. You can also warm the Haitian castor oil bottle under hot water to thin out the oil. Be careful not to make the castor oil too hot, doing so can cause serious burns to your scalp.

What happens is you use Haitian black oil before a haircut?

You should not put Haitian oil in your hair before going to the barbershop. Doing so will make it extremely difficult to cut your hair let alone give you a straight line-up.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid any moisture to your hair at least a day before your barber visit. I suggest washing your hair out of any chemicals and oils at least a day before going to your barber. You’ll get a better cut if your hair is dry and free of any foreigner hair solution. For more information about what you should do before visiting a barber read “Process of preparing 360 waves before haircut

Will lwil maskriti make head itchy?

I’ve personally never had any issues with an itchy head after using Haitian castor grease. I typically use a dime size amount in my hair. If you are experiencing itchy scalp after using the oil you may be using way too much.

You should cut down on the amount you are utilizing or limit how many times you use the Haitian scalp oil a week. If you are still experiencing itchy hair, then you should discontinue using the oil as you may be allergic to the product.

Will Haitian castor hair oil help make beard hair grow?

haitian castor oil for beard

I’ve been using castor oil in my daily beard regiment for about five months and have noticed a difference in my beard growth. So, yes, the Haitian can help increase hair growth in your beard! It will take a few months of consistent use before you will notice the change.

When applying the oil to your face try to use as little as possible… if you use too much oil on your face your look shinny and may even break out. A drop or two should be sufficient enough to cover your beard and get the job done!

Does Haitian black castor oil smell bad?

To be honest, I do not think that Haitian castor oil smells terrible but if your expecting it to smell like Talc hair powder then you’ll be disappointed. There is no artificial scent added to make the oil to make it smell any different from its original aroma.

Though the Haitian lwil maskriti does not have an artificial smell it does smell a bit like roasted peanuts. Compared to other hair products the I’ve smelled in my hair growth journey it’s not terrible at all. To avoid bad hair smells be sure to wash your hair every couple of days.


There a ton of products that claim to grow hair but there is a handful that actually can like Haitian black castor oil / lwil maskriti. If they can help with hair growth none of them are organic like Haitian castor oil.

If you are a man struggling to grow out your afro, locs, braid and even beard then the Haitian hair oil may be the answer to your problems. The all-natural castor oil will stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth.

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