Will wearing two durags stop hair from sticking up?

Will wearing two durags stop hair from sticking up

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Are you having an issue with your hair sticking out through your durag? Well, wearing two durags maybe the answer to your troubles. When I had spinning 360 waves, I used the double durag method at least twice a week.

When you use the double durag method you are able to get hair that pokes through the first du rag. Wearing two durags can help men achieve deep 360 waves even while wolfing! In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and concerns of wearing multiple durags.

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What is the double durag method?

I briefly talked about what the double durag method is. To dive a little deeper of what this method is I’ll further explain what doubling du rag is.

Essentially, the double du rag method is when you wear two durags to achieve deep waves. By applying this method to your wave building routine you’ll be able to capture hair sticking through your du rag.

It’ feels like so long ago but I was first introduced to the double durag method in 2009. There is no official date when the method was introduced or let alone who came up with the concept. I a hunch that the double durag method has been around way longer than 2009.

Why would someone need to double durag?

Wearing two durags is not reserved for a certain hair type but it is more beneficial for black men with straighter hair. This is because black me with “good hair” usually have issues with their hair sticking up in certain conditions.

Conditions like weather and wet environment could cause black men’s hair to be uncooperative while under a single durag. I speak with the first-hand experience of both examples… I have a combination of coarse and “good hair” so my hair sticks out though a durag especially when I have a fresh haircut. It’s weird!

I also have experience with having to deal with taming my hair when the weather conditions aren’t ideal. Trust me it’s not fun.

Another reason for wearing two durags is if you’re in the wave wolfing phase. By wearing multiple durags will help keep added pressure that a single durag can not.

These are just some of the reasons why wearing multiple durags is ideal for uncooperating hair. Usually, the double durag method is able to do the trick.

Does wearing two durags help waves?

To give a straight answer if does wearing 2 durags help waves… Yes, it absolutely helps in achieving 360 waves.

The two durag methods get the hair that sticks out through the first durag and makes sure all of your hair is covered. The worst thing for someone who want 360 waves and have some hair sticking up in your waves. It’s not a good look.

The double durag method eliminates that problem of hair sticking up in durag and in your hair waves.

How long should you wear a durag?

There is no right answer to this question, but Ideal you want to wear your durag daily for a few hours. I find that it is more convenient to wear my durag at night when I am going to bed.

By doing so, you’ll be able to get the necessary hours in for 360 waves. You will also avoid having to go out public with a durag if you’re not comfortable doing that.

I found that when I wore a durag in the morning before going out my wave progressions lasted all day.

The rules are different when wearing two durag, you should wear two durag for about an hour in a half. From there would take both durags off, brush your hair then put on a single durag. You are only wearing two durags to get the hairs that are sticking up to lay down.

Should you wear double du rags every day?

Ideally, you want to wear your single durag daily to achieve and maintain 360 waves. However, when it comes to doubling up your durag you should do it two to three times a week to avoid skin irritations.

To be honest, I wore two durag once a week and maybe twice if I had an event that weekend. It is absolutely unnecessary to wear two durags every day all day! Doing so will not give you more or deeper 360 waves.

Will wearing two durags leave lines on the forehead?

lines from durag

Wearing double durugs will indeed leave lines on your forehead. This is why you will need to monitor how long you keep your wave rag on.

Not only will you have lines from leaving a durag on too long, but it will also leave dark lines around your forehead. Believe me, having a dark line around your forehead from durags is a nasty look. The process of building waves should be done without risking marking your skin.

How tight should the durags be?

You should not wear your durag too tight, this will leave marks on your forehead. I should also note that tight durags will give you a headache. So be careful!

A good rule of thumb on how tight a durag should be is you should you the two-finger test. This is when you’re able to comfortably your index and middle finger underneath the durag tail. If you’re not able to get two fingers under your durag then it is way too tight.

Where to go to get durags?

You can get a good durag just about anywhere that offers hair products for me. Durag is inexpensive and should last you a long time.

You can also get durags on amazon! I’ll drop the link you easily find a durag option that works for your hair. You’ll have the option to choose between four sets of three durag with various colors that fit your preference. The set of three durags is perfect to double up your rags and switch them out when need.


It is a proven fact the key to achieving deep spinning 360 waves is to wear a durag. There’s no way around it!

Wearing two durags can help tame those pesky hairs that stick up through your durag. Make sure you don’t overuse the two durag methods to avoid any skin irritations.

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