7 easy tips that’ll fix weak side waves and improve hair appearance

weak side waves

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One of the most discouraging things when trying to build perfect hair waves is dealing with weak side waves. Seriously, why is it so hard to get 360 waves on both sides of the head?

Depending on your hair texture and 360 waves routine it may feel like it is impossible to achieve. People who are beginners in building 360 waves don’t have the slightest idea of how to fix weak side waves. Fear not guys, I have you covered! I will answer all your questions and help you resolve issues in left and right side waves.

Most people within the 360 hair waves community will tell you it’s tough to get waves on the side. Achieving strong side waves is equivalent to dealing with a pup with separation anxiety.

Basically, if you don’t train weak side waves it will cause some serious havoc in waves connection. It is a good idea to focus your attention on the correction of weak wave spots to avoid issues in the long run.

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What is weak side waves?

When describing hair waves most people refer to it as the hair ripples resembling ocean waves. This is where 360 waves get its name from. Note that perfect hair waves connect and flow from the crown towards the hairline, rear neckline, and sideburns on the head.

Keep in mind that side waves are located on the right and left side of the head. Weak side waves are defined as the flawed hair ripples on either the right, left, or both sides of the head. Often, uneven side waves appear as bald spots, unconnected waves or the waves on the side are hard to see.

What causes weak side wave?

wolfin weak side for wavesI should point out that bad side waves are caused by a multitude of reasons. The hair waves require a lot of attention and even more when the waves are on the side of the head. So, what causes weak hair waves on the side?

  • Lack of bushing – Note that brushing the hair routinely is a pivotal part in building flawless hair waves. One of the key factors that normally result in weak side waves is the lack of stimulation. Note that the stimulation from wave brushing improves the appearance of 360 waves on both sides and blood circulation.
  • Poor wave bonding quality – We all know in order to maximize 360 hair waves, the hair needs to be grease properly. Note that not all wave grease are created equal. Some have a hard time getting the job done, and it all depends on an individual hair type. It is important to note that the right wave product for your hair texture is crucial to strengthen your weak waves. Finding the right wave grease and keeping a routine will provide a better hair wave pattern on the side of the head!
  • Poor durag routine – You should know that durags or wave caps can seriously make or break your hair wave progression. Keep in mind that bad durag practice will result in weak side waves. Also, note that a crooked du-rag could weak spots in waves and poor wave connections in the hair ripples.

Above are the top 3 reasons that cause weak spots in side waves. Also, note that each factor has an interdependent relationship with each other. Remember that breaking the link among the three will absolutely cause weak side 360 waves.

Why doesn’t durag cover the side of the head properly?

Often one of the issues that contribute to weak spots in left or right side waves is the durag coverage area. You may find that the do-rag covers the top and back of the head better than it does on the sides. Let’s look at some of the factors that lead to durag slippage.

Reasons for limited du-rag coverage

  • Head shape – Note that the shape of the head is one of the biggest factors that cause durags to improperly cover both sides of waves. for example, I have a long slider oval head, which made it difficult for durags to cover both sides of my waves.
    My odd shape head isn’t suited for strong side waves, which was one of the reasons for my current afro. For almost a year, no matter what I did, my durag had slacked on the sides. The gap between the side of my head and the durag caused a weak hair wave on the side. I had to make changes in the way that I wore my wave cap to compress the sides to strengthen weak side waves.
  • Du-rag material – Remember that some durag material could cause weak spots in waves. The rougher the material of the du-rag is, the tougher it is on your waves. I suggest looking for a stretchy material when choosing a do-rag for better side waves.
  • Do-rag tightness – It is pointless to wear a durag if it is extremely loose on the head… It does nothing to improve the weak side wave. Keep in mind that a durag tied too tight could cause a line of forehead acne, so be mindful of that. A do-rag should fit the head comfortably, it should never be so tight that it is stopping blood circulation.
    I would also encourage you to consider a wave compression cap to improve weak hair waves. The 360 waves compression cap is designed to apply pressure to the sides of the head, which increases the development of strong side waves.

Why is it so hard to get waves on the side of the head?

There are some key elements that make waves on the side hard to accomplish. Some problematic factors are easier to fix than others. Let’s look at some of the things that cause weak spots in side waves difficult to fix.

  • Hair texture – I should point out that coarse hair texture is the hardest to work around and makes it difficult to get waves on the side. You can indeed have coarse hair and fix weak side waves simultaneously. It’ll take a strict routine and hair moisturizing to soften the hair to improve weak side waves.
  • Poor diet – Let me point out that a balanced diet directly correlates with hair health and could cause weak side waves. The proteins and vitamin nourishments from balanced meals will help strengthen hair strands and promote hair growth. Healthy hair will indeed improve hair ripples on the sides of the head.
  • Inadequate water intake – Note that drinking water helps prevent split ends and brittle hair. Keep in mind that both are harmful to the hair and could cause weak waves on the sides of the head. Proper water intake promotes a healthier scalp which reduces the chance of developing issues like dryness, itchiness, or dandruff. Not only does adequate H2O intake strengthens weak side wave, but it is also important for your overall health.

8 easy tips to fix weak spots in waves

As you know, there are one to two solutions to every problem! I presented a few leading factors in the previous section that causes weak spots in waves. I’ve compiled the best solutions to solve weak side hair waves, and I wanted to share them with you. So… Let’s take a closer look below at a few solutions that will help fix weak side waves.

Three foundations for good Side waves

  1. Brushing – Note hair brushing is extremely important when attempting to fix weak spots in waves. When brushing side waves, it is ideal to brush the hair waves at a diagonal angle towards the sideburns. Keep in mind that brushing the hair at a slanted angle is beneficial for people with coarse hair. Remember that brushing in a diagonal direction will improve the appearance of coarse hair ripples on the sides of the head. It is important to understand that brushing alone isn’t nearly enough to fix weak side waves. Bushing of the hair is just the tip of the iceberg.
  2. Wave grease – It is almost impossible to get side waves without a strong bonding wave grease if your hair is coarse. The Cold Label Wolfin pomade sold on Amazon could be just what you need! The Wolfin wave pomade keeps coarse hair in place and promotes better 360 waves on both sides. I should point out that wave grease isn’t exclusive to just coarse hair; wave pomades work for fine hair as well.
  3. Durag – Keep in mind that the du-rag material absolutely dictates whether you have weak spots in waves or not. One of the best strategies in building waves on the sides is to consider a stretchy material or slick like durag. Do-rags with elasticity tend to do a better job covering the right and lift side waves.

Four important techniques to improve weak side waves

  1. Wolfin waves – One way you can solve weak waves on the sides of the head is to grow your hair into wolfin. Often, the hair on the sides is too short, which causes the side waves difficult to see. Growing hair into wolfin phase will allow the waves on the side to appear better.
  2. Limit hair washing – If you’re procuring good waves on the side, then you’ll need to limit hair washing every week. Limiting hair washing will reduce the risk of losing waves progression on the side. Ideally, you should wash your hair twice a week to prevent the loss of hair waves. It is also recommended that you wash your hair in a diagonal direction to retain strong side waves.
  3. Proper routine – As an athlete, I was always taught that practice makes perfect. This means that you need a consistent routine to achieve the goal you have set… The same goes for your hair wave! It is important that you train weak side waves with a set time dedicated to greasing, wrapping, and brushing your waves. An overnight routine for waves is the most effective method to enhance side waves.
  4. Extra tie – Are you still having trouble with weak side waves? Then double up the durags or try putting a skully hat over the durag to target side waves. This technique will compress the sides of the head to strengthen your weak waves.

Two bonus tips for stronger side waves

  1. Biotin for side waves – A key to healthy and perfect hair waves is providing essential vitamins. Biotin is the necessary nutrient needed to help side waves appear shiny and healthy. Note that Biotin could be ingested by mouth, or the vitamin could be applied directly to the hair. Not only will your hair waves appear shiny and healthier, but the biotin vitamin will also promote hair growth.
  2. Wave Conditioner – Anyone who is experienced with hair waves knows that conditioning is very important. The hair conditioner makes your hair incredibly soft and malleable, which makes brushing even more effective. Softening the hair could help improve weak wave spots! Since hair washing will be limited to preserve wave progression, it’s a good idea to use a leave-in conditioner over a conventional hair conditioner.


As you can see, weak side waves are pretty simple to fix as long as you follow a consistent routine. Once you find a method that works for your hair texture, weak spots in waves shouldn’t be a problem.

Remember that it is important to routinely brush and moisturize your hair to fix weak side waves. You should also note that a balanced diet and proper water intake impact whether you can get waves on the side.

Remember it is important to build a foundation to make your weak side stronger. A good structural base to train weak side waves must consist of a durag, wave grease, and a brush.

There you have it; follow the steps in this article to strengthen your weak waves. Now show your appreciation by liking, subscribing, and sharing this post… Let’s keep building our community together! Also, read the other article from AfroCurlsandCuts.com.

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