5 Easy Tips That Improves Appearance of Thinning Crown Waves

Thinning crown waves

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Are you experiencing thinning crown waves? Are you at your wit’s end of awful balding in the middle of your waves? Let me guess, you’ve done everything, and you are losing hope, maybe even considering shaving your head bald… Right? Well, stop right there… Before you grab a hair clipper and start cutting against the grain, let’s discuss some options available.

It is common knowledge that males start to notice some form of male pattern baldness by age 30. Some even see noticeable changes in the form of Receding crown hair and weak side waves. Note, crown balding doesn’t have a specific age and can start as early as your late teens and early 20s. Remember, young males who lose their hair at ages 18 to 24 are uncommon; it is not impossible.

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What are thinning crown waves?

Balding 360 crown waves are when the hair waves on top of the head start to fall out. Note that baldness is directly related to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone. The hormone dihydrotestosterone causes old hairs on the scalp to be replaced with shorter and thinner hairs. This repetitive pattern of replacing old hair with smaller hair often occurs in the temples and crown of the head. The waves on the crown become difficult to see and become uneven from the rest of the head.

If you’re suffering hair loss, you can sympathize and know the effect balding crown waves have on millions of men. With that said, let’s get to it and explore things you can do to improve the appearance of balding 360 waves.

What do normal 360 crown waves look like?

I feel it is important to explain balding crown wave problems and how average waves on the crown look. The benefit of explaining will help you guys recognize the signs to resolve early crown wave issues before becoming serious.

The normal path of crown waves starts from the back of the head and ripples toward the frontal hairline. Note the wave pattern on the crown either flows in a straight line (360 waves) or in a swirl (720 waves). Perfect hair waves are often described as looking like ocean waves… Hence the wave hairstyle lends its name.

I should add that the crown is located on the top middle area of the head. This is the highest point on your scalp, toward the back of your head. Did you know the official term for the crown is called the vertex? You’re welcome for that bit of information.

Does a line in your crown waves mean you’re going bald?

You’re not alone in wondering if the part line in crown waves is the beginning of baldness… Often men who notice the line in crown waves tend to panic. The fear of balding leads men to irrational fears and prematurely shave their heads bald.

I can see how the line in crown waves which is often mistaken for a bald spot… Let me assure you the line does not mean you’re losing your hair. The line is where your hair is parted… in addition, the line in hair waves occurs when the wave of hair is brushed in two different directions.

Note that the directions you brush your hair dictate the location part line in waves. This is the reason you’ll notice the big line in wave location varies in various people. This means the crown line can be in either the middle, left, or right region of the upper area of the head.

When does thinning in the crown usually start?

Earlier I mentioned men experiencing balding in the crown could start seeing signs as early as their late teens. Thinning hair on the crown makes waves on top difficult to see… Trust me, rocking the balding Jefferson with wave on the side isn’t a pretty sight.

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, can start at any age as you enter adulthood. Keep in mind that alopecia or male pattern baldness is very different from maturing hairline. Often people confuse the two and assume mature hairline is the beginning stage of alopecia. Balding of the crown from alopecia causes permanent hair loss that moves towards the frontal hairline.

I took the opportunity to give you a quick breakdown of the stages of hair loss by age bracket. Let’s go over the changes in balding 360 waves.

Typical balding age stages

For some men, by the time they turn 30, there’s a 25% chance of displaying signs of crown balding. Also note, in some cases, by age 50, 50% of men have visible signs of hair loss. Lastly, you can expect about two-thirds of males 60 and older to be either bald or have a form balding pattern. These stats are significant in terms of thinning 360 crown waves.

I should also mention typically; it takes 15 to 25 years for men to go fully bald. That is a wide range in which balding men can expect to see hair loss. Of course, there are ways to slow down male pattern baldness… I went into full detail about how to slow down receding hairline and male baldness.

What are beginner signs of thinning crown waves?

When males experience thin spots in crown waves, there are many early indicators before going completely bald. Remember, some signs of crown-thinning hair are more obvious than others. Let’s go over common signs of thin crown waves to look out for.

Early indicators of Balding 360 waves

  • Excessive hair on the pillow – A small amount of hair loss is totally normal in both men and women. The average person loses about 50 and 110 hairs a day. The hair sheds as part of its natural cycle. However, losing an excess of 110 hairs a day is usually an early indicator of thinning 360 waves. Make it a daily habit to check your morning pillow for excess hair loss.
  • Itchy crown scalp – inflammation caused by an itchy crown scalp could be an early sign of future hair loss. Hair loss may occur when crown scratching is extremely aggressive that it causing scalp scaring and hindering hair regrowth. Note that the scalp condition will also affect the strength of the hair follicles and lead to permanent hair loss.

I should mention that an itchy crown does not mean you’re going bald. When hair loss is caused by minor scalp deterioration instead of balding, the effects can be treated, and the hair usually regrows. That’s something to cheer about, right? I would be a horrible person if I scared you and did not give good news to keep things balanced!

  • Overproduction of dandruff – Excessive hair dandruff is usually an early indication of possible balding 360 waves. Keep in mind in some cases; the hair flake will be combined with an itchy scalp. Pay attention to the shoulder area of dark shirts to assess the amount of dandruff you produce.
  • Excessive DHT build-up in the crown – It’s important to understand that excessive DHT can shrink your hair follicles in the crown and shorten the hair cycle. This causes the hair to grow out looking thinner and brittle and fall out much faster. Note that DHT also causes a longer time frame for follicles to grow new hair once old ones fall out.

What should you do to slow down the thinning of 360 waves?

As of October 21, 2020, there is no way to completely stop thinning crown waves. However, there are a few things you can do to slow down the effects of balding waves. Note, there are many options available, some you can do yourself, and for others, you will need a doctor’s help. Let’s talk about how you can slow down thinning crown hair.

  • Limit stress – Stress is one of the leading causes of black male hair loss. The idea of limiting stress levels is effective in slowing down hair loss in the crown of the head. Try breathing exercises and avoid stressful situations to help reduce stress levels.
  • Proper diet – A balanced diet is another key factor in reducing rapid hair loss. An adequate diet that consists of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other nutrients that your body needs to help promotes hair growth. Remember that a poor diet and lack of essential vitamins, and minerals can cause hair loss in crown waves.
  • Minoxidil – Thinning crown waves could be greatly reduced by simply implementing minoxidil foam or solution to your daily hair moisturizing routine. Note that Minoxidil is a hair growth treatment that fights against male pattern baldness… Again, the hair regrowth product only slows down balding, not stop it. The Minoxidil solution and foam are sold over the counter and purchased through Amazon.com.
  • Finasteride – Finasteride blocks the DTH build-up from high testosterone that causes 360 waves of hair thinning. It should be noted that finasteride will increase the number of hairs on the scalp and reduce the hair loss rate. Unlike Minoxidil, Finasteride cannot be purchased over the counter; it can only be prescribed to you by a medical professional. Visit Forhims.com for a one-stop shop for male essential needs and hair loss treatments.

Side note to help improve balding 360 waves

I should point out that 1mg of Finasteride prescribed for hair loss has shown an 80% effectiveness in stimulating new growth in 12 months. Whereas Topical Minoxidil 5% is only 50% effective in new hair in the same amount of time of a year. Note, the products work best in the initial stages of male pattern baldness, which are men aged between 18 and 40.

Recently, I contacted a Hims.com certified medical professional who practices in Missouri, Wisconsin, and Virginia. For the purpose of this article, I asked a few questions so I could have a better understanding.

My questions finasteride and minoxidil for thin hair 360 waves

  • Is it safe to use minoxidil and finasteride together?
    • Studies by WebMD and the American Academy of Dermatology have shown it is generally safe to use Finasteride and Minoxidil alongside each other. The two institutes have also suggested that hair loss treatments are safe with biotin products. Keep in mind some men may experience side effects with the DTH-blocking hair products.
  • Does hair increase when you use Minoxidil and Finasteride together?
    • Remember, only about 50% of men experience positive results when using minoxidil, and 80% of males use Finasteride. However, studies have discovered that using minoxidil and finasteride together is more effective for hair preservation than using either one separately.
  • Does using Finasteride and Minoxidil together increase side effects?
    • There is a small chance that some people may experience increased side effects. Though the number is minimal, it is not impossible. The most common side effect is:
      • Finasteride side effects – decreased sex drive, trouble achieving or retaining an erection ejaculation disorder and skin rash.
      • Minoxidil side effects – dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness, Acne on the forehead and at the application site, burning of the scalp, facial hair growth, reddened skin, and increased hair shedding in the first couple of months.

To treat your thinning waves, consider reaching out to Forhims.com and speaking to a certified professional in your area. There, they’ll be able to further assist you in finding the best treatment to help you improve your hair for 360 waves.

Can brushing hair too much cause balding waves on the crown of the head?brushing thin crown waves

I will not spend much time in this section… Earlier, I mentioned the daily hair cycle consists of Hair falling out and being replaced by new hairs. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), it is normal for people to lose about 50–110 hairs a day.

Note that AAD also suggests that excessive hair brushing can lead to further hair shedding greater than 110 per day. This is critical news for men with thinning crown waves; hair brushing is an important part of building crown waves. If you’re at risk for hair balding, then constant hair brushing may not be a good idea… While brushing your hair is important for crown waves, consider doing so with caution to avoid further hair damage.

5 things you can do to improve the appearance of thinning crown waves

You should not let thinning wave hair dictate your hairstyle and, most of all, define you as a person! There are great options available out there that either regrow hair thicker or could help hide balding on the crown.

It goes without saying that 360 waves of hair loss could cause anyone to go insane. I get it; dealing with crown balding is frustrating, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for your waves. Below, I’ve listed five tips to help you cope with balding crown hair. So, without further ado, let’s go over some helpful options available to you.

5 ways to camouflage thinning crown waves

  • hair fibers for thinning hair – Note, the hair fibers are extremely effective in producing results for males experiencing thin 360 waves. The hair fiber is made of keratin which is the same protein as real hair. Hair fibers work by sticking to your existing hair, which then creates a fuller look and hides thin waves spots.
  • Lower haircut – In some cases, a low haircut and edge up could help conceal thinning crown waves. A lower haircut helps disguise thin waves of hair by lowering longer hair to even out with thin spots on the crown.
  • Hair transplant – This is definitely the most expensive option of the bunch but extremely effective. Hair transplantation is a medical procedure that removes hair follicles from the back of the head and is implanted them in the balding area of the head. The area where the follicles are removed is called the ‘donor site,’ and the area receiving is known as the ‘recipient site’. Note the hair implant uses your own hair, which will assure you keep your hair texture and wave patterns on the crown.
  • Male hair unit – A male hairpiece is a cheaper alternative to hair transplant and does a fairly good job concealing balding 360 waves. A custom hair unit, also known as a “male weave,” is a removable hair extension for balding men. This option covers thinning crown waves instead of camouflaging them. Nevertheless, a man weave is effective in getting the job done and concealing thinning crown waves.
  • Visit Forhims.com – Finasteride and or Minoxidil are exceptionally efficient in improving the appearance of thinning crown waves, but there is a catch. The drawback of Minoxidil and Finasteride is it takes the longest to produce results. You should note, Both hair loss treatments can increase hair density on the crown and frontal hairline.


There you have it; this article is your complete guide to improving the appearance of your thinning crown waves. Note the tips that I’ve provided are not limited to the crown; you can be applied waves thinning corners of the hairline.

Whether you decide to use minoxidil and finasteride together or separately, they can be extremely effective. The hair growth and thickening treatment could increase the volume of hair on the crown of the head. You could find a wide collection of products that could improve thin 360 waves at Forhims.com.

Keep in mind that eating a balanced diet and limiting stress could reduce the loss of hair on the crown. Eating right and limiting stress is not only beneficial to your overall health, but it also doesn’t cost you anything extra!

Hopefully, you found this guide to improving balding crown waves helpful. Don’t be selfish and pass this article along to someone who may need it. The community is growing beyond my wildest dream… Thank you guys out there; I could not do it without you all! Let’s continue to build our community together; please like, share, and leave comments below!

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