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How much do barbers make a year

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“How much do barbers make” is a question that anyone considering becoming one will undoubtedly have. It should come as no surprise that many factors affect the answer to this question.

Nearly all current Personal Care Industry specialists concur that barbering is the fastest-growing occupation in the United States and that barbershops are the fastest-growing retail location.

That is accurate if you base growth on the anticipated industry income for barbershops, which has increased by 3% to 17% annually since 2011.

It holds true whether you gauge growth by the percentage of people who visit barber shops for haircuts (more men are seeking more frequent services than they have in the past decade)

It still holds if you consider the number of new market entrants, including the number of new barbershops opening and the number of people receiving certification to work as professional barbers, whether they do so in barbershops or elsewhere.

The rate of pay for barbers is influenced by location, rates charged, and skill level. Also affecting income is whether a barber is an employee or a sole proprietor.

The job of a barber can not appear glamorous, but it is fulfilling. A high level of skill is necessary for haircutting.

There are several benefits to being a master barber. For instance, a barber makes a pretty respectable living on average. We discuss the occupation generally and look into the typical barber salary.

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How much money do barbers make

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So How Much Do Barbers Make Average Annual Salary?

  • In general, most barbers can anticipate earning between $30,000 and $50,000 annually. However, this might be significantly based on your location, your services, how you advertise yourself, what your clients have to say about you, and other factors.
  • The average annual salary for a barber in today’s market is roughly $27,388, with males typically earning somewhat more ($28,708) than women ($23,037).
  • With some ups and downs conceivable, some barbers, especially business owners, may anticipate earning anywhere between $80,000 and $100,000 a year.
  • Other features of becoming a barber, such as the cash tips you earn from your clients or customers, might raise your wages.

Six smart choices Actions Barbers and Barbershops May do to Boost Profits.

How much do barbers make a cut

An illustration of the Actions Barbers and Barbershops May take to Boost Profits.

Being strategic is required while trying to raise a barber’s revenue. The following advice can help you earn more money.

Barbershop services up selling.

Giving the client base the option to acquire extra service is known as upselling.

For instance, giving consumers the option to add hair products like shampoo, cut, and style at a discounted rate compared to the cost of having those three services individually.

Doing this would encourage more customers to purchase more services during a single visit than they otherwise would.

Cross-selling barbering goods and products.

Selling products connected to barbering services is one of the quickest methods for barbershops to boost sales and for individual barbers to enhance their commission per session.

In-person sales of men’s grooming products can reach 81% of sales (like barber shops). Barbers that master this skill can raise their income per client by 15% to 25%.

Spending Money On Higher Standard Services.

How many barbers and barbershops attempt to get away with charging extra for the same old services may surprise you.

The problem is that when it comes to the regular clientele of barber shops, up to 56% of consumers place the most priority on price, while 39% of customers place the highest priority on value.

In other words, consumers desire economic services, but they’re also prepared to pay a little bit more if the value of those services has grown.

Providing Value-Added Service Industry Related to Professional Barber.

Offering services closely related to barbering is one of the quickest methods to enhance the value of any barber service.

The typical cost of a facial/eyebrow waxing or an express-service enzyme facial is $8-$20 or $40-$50, compared to slightly under $30 for a barber shop haircut.

By offering these complementary services that clients are unlikely to get elsewhere, you can keep more customers in your barber chair for longer, encourage them to visit more frequently, and boost your overall hourly rate at the end of the day.

This barbershop stands apart from the competition by pledging to provide sustainable, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free services.

A constantly increasing percentage of people are now prepared to pay extra to ensure that the items and services they receive are environmentally and humanely produced.

Barber Shops should anticipate that about a third of their clients are willing to pay up to 25% more for the same services performed with environmentally friendly products.

Social Media and Marketing.

Any firm must prioritize its marketing. Utilize the online marketing tools available to you.

Most barbers have websites and social media accounts pages dedicated to their line of work.

This promotes their degree of expertise and level of service. It’s a good idea to start a barber Instagram account.

Start early and expand the brand because it takes time to get customers and followers. As soon as you can, try to spread the news about your barbershop.

What is the hourly wage for Master Barber?

Typically, barbers can earn up to $20 per hour. Of course, they can make more money if they serve more people in a given hour.

Barbers and business owners working in high-paying areas can earn more per hour.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a professional barber makes an average salary or mean hourly income of $16.92.

In the barbering industry, the average hourly wage for individuals in the 90th percentile is $27.23.

Between $42,210 and $56,630 is the mean annual wage for barbers between the 75th and 90th percentiles. Master barbers typically earn $35,190 per year on average.

Do barber factor in expense into their prices for cuts?

Yes, barbers factor in overhead costs, such as product and supplies, into their prices.

In the same way that a restaurant factors in the cost of ingredients into their prices, barbers must do the save to avoid operating at a loss.

In addition to materials such as high quality hair clippers and scissors, barbershop owner also factor in the cost of rent, utilities, advertising, website hosting, and more.

A barber’s income is relys on their quality customer service to ensure repeat business and it’s important for them to factor in all of their expenses when setting prices.

Final Thoughts on How Much do Barbers Make.

How much do barbers make a month

An image of barbershop owner and barbershop with a gold painted element in the background.

Barbering is a fulfilling profession; it’s a rewarding, flexible, and enjoyable position to hold.

A typical nine-to-five job is not as gratifying as being a barber. You should train to be a barber if you want to:

  • Sufficient employment opportunities.
  • A national average salary.
  • The potential for advancement and career security.
  • Success as a barber depends on talent, effort, good judgment, and balance. High barber salaries can be achieved with hard. work and wise business decisions.

Establishing your own barbershop and cultivating a devoted customer are wise moves.

Be unafraid to fail. Bring something fresh to the table; barbering is a joyful and interesting profession.


We’ve discussed everything in this article, from how much do barbers make annually to what a typical day in the life of a barber looks like for most people.

The average base salary that barbers might anticipate is now known. Several variables can impact this revenue, as well as actions you can take to increase it and your earnings. 

In general, you should make good money if you gain enough experience, open your own barber business, build a social presence and cultivate a strong clientele.

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