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Curly Hairstyles for Mixed Boys: Tips and Pointers on how to Cut Mixed Child’s hairstyle at Home or in a Barbershop


Mixed kids haircut can be challenging for moms and dads, especially if it is the first time they are cutting their child’s hair. When you have mixed children, there is no telling how the haircut will turnout when they go to the barbershop. There are many factors you will need to consider and hurdles you’ll face.

This blog post will give you tips and pointers on how to cut a biracial boy’s hair at home or at a male salon. The all-in-one guide will help identify specific issues such as: cowlicks, dull afro curls, and dry scalp.

Continue reading the article until the end for the Q&A section for more info about curly hair toddler boy haircuts.

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What is a mixed kids haircut?

A biracial boy’s haircut is the process of trimming down or style cutting the hair of a mixed child. To achieve the desired haircut for a toddler boy, haircutting tools are required. The hair cut tools used to cut a biracial kid’s hair are hair trimmers, scissors, combs, and a hair edger. There are many different types of haircuts that mixed kids can have, but the hairstyle you choose should depend on their hair texture and face shape.

The thing about a mixed kid haircut is that it can take some time to get the trim just right. Finding the right hairstyle for a mixed toddler boy with curly hair takes time, patients, skills, and imagination.

Mixed children hairstyling with the blending techniques

Note, a curly hair baby boy requires a blending technique for the best haircut results. This method uses hair clippers to fade out hard lines in their s hair to transition between length levels. As a result, it creates a more natural flow in a change of hair length during biracial boy hairstyling.

A haircut for mixed boys would be very similar to any other kind of children’s haircuts and styles:

Short on one side and long on another… The changes in levels during a cut are often referred to as “fades” “Mohawk” or “Undercut”!

Whereas a hair on mixed boys that is even level throughout is referred to as “Short Buzz Cut” or “Black Caesar haircut”.

Be sure to consider the right curly hair style for your mixed son before cutting their curly locs. If you’re not skilled at giving haircuts on your own seek a professional barber! No, really, look for a barber… cutting hair requires skills, practice, and patience, watching one tutorial video isn’t going to cut it! Don’t send your kid out in the world looking crazy with a bad haircut.

How to choose the right hairstyle for your child

When choosing a new hairstyle for a curly hair toddler boy, it’s important to consider the shape of his face and hairline. Every good barber will agree with the statement, including long-time veteran Eugene James.

A haircut for mixed boys may seem straightforward, but a careful evaluation of their curl pattern is necessary for perfect haircut styles,” says Eugene.

Let’s deep dive and really understand biracial boys hairstyles:

Barber interview about mixed black boys haircuts

I had the opportunity to talk with Eugene, a hairstylist in Miami. He has been cutting hair for years and specializes in haircuts for men as well as biracial boy hairstyles. Listen, the guy is very clear on his approach and direct in his belief the way mixed hair should be cut. “When I cut their hair,” he said, “I make sure that I have the right hair cutting tools at hand because it’s the difference between a good cut and a bad one.”

Mixed cool boys undercut –

The “curly boys undercut” “cool boys undercut” hairstyle is a great option for biracial kids with curly, wavy, or coily hair because this style matches their natural texture.

If you have a mixed-race child, the undercut hairstyle (a variant of the traditional disconnect and fade) is an excellent style for them to wear.

The “curly undercut” haircut matches their hair texture because, it’s close cut on both sides, the back and lets the uncut long coils of hair hang low on top”… Says Eugene James, who has been cutting hair for over 20 years.”

He went on to say, this cut will also keep your baby boy cool during the summer season heat as they stay active.

Short boys fade hair cut –

A curly hair short fade is a short haircut with a clean shave on the sides and the back is gradually faded close to the skin on top of the head. Examples of fade cuts are: crew cuts, buzz cuts, and short drop fade.

Note, short fade haircuts for mixed boys may be better suited for kids with long faces as opposed to square or round ones. The fade haircuts for little black biracial boys offer a cool style low cut. He also went on to say, the fade hairstyles for mixed-race boys offer an opportunity to create designs in the hair.

The short fade haircut could also be found in professional men’s hairstyles. The boys fade is a versatile haircut that can be styled for both children and adults.

There are very few styles of hair on black men that are considered professional in corporate settings. The short mixed boy fade definitely makes the cut!

Curly hair afro mohawk –

The curly frohawk for young boys has won best black boy haircuts 3 years in a row and may win it again this year. With such accolades, you might wonder why? In this article, we will take a closer look at the curly hair mohawk for young boys and get to know its benefits.

The curly boy mohawk is one of the best haircuts for mixed biracial children because it looks good on any type of hair texture. It also has a lot of different styles that could be created with this hairstyle on mixed biracial kids. The versatile curly hair frohawk could be paired with braids or twists to take this cute hairstyle to the next level.

keep in mind that this curly hairstyle for biracial kids is not for everyone. If your biracial kid has hair that is too straight, then it may have a hard time getting this style to work out the way you want it to.

How to prepare your curly hair child for the haircut

Preparing a mixed boy hair is important in order to cut the hair… Whether you cut it yourself or you take them to a barber you cannot neglect these steps! A baby haircut requires creativity and preparation.

Here are the steps you need to take before cutting their curly hair:

Preparing boy hair the night before

First, you should do a thorough hair wash the night before. A good shampoo is essential to maintaining and caring for your child’s curls or wavy locks.

Then use an appropriate conditioner which will help keep the curls from getting tangled. Note, conditioning your child’s hair the night before will keep their hair moisturized and make cutting it easier.

Toddler hair preparation moments before boy haircuts

One thing you can do is cut tangles in advance with scissors. This will help keep your child’s curly haircuts neat and tidy.

Another thing you should do before long curly hairstyles for your son is to comb their hair. This will remove any left-over knots that may have appeared while they were sleeping.

  • If your mixed boy hair is short, brush it… This will not only keep the hair groomed but will also remove any lint or particles from their hair before a haircut.

Make sure that you remove any curl clips or rubber bands from their pigtails. Your boy’s hair should free of anything that could get in the way during his hair cut.

Tips and tricks for getting a good haircut for mixed boys at home

If you’re considering cutting your biracial kid’s hair on your own, there are certain skills and tools that you’ll need in order to do it correctly. Here are some things you’ll need and some tips to cut your toddler boy mixed hair correctly:


The best way to keep your kid in the chair during a haircut is to keep them distracted. Be sure to have some snacks, a tablet, or a toy and pull it out when they start getting restless. This not only keeps them occupied and happy but also keeps them still during the haircut.


Start with a “good faith” pledge that the haircut will be pain-free. Before cutting a mixed child’s hair you should make sure your child is cooperative and willing to compromise. This will reduce outbursts and increase trust with your kids while you cut.

Keep it simple

You may want to avoid intricate styles when you’re cutting mixed kids’ hair. The key to perfecting a biracial toddler boy haircut is to keep things simple and easy. You don’t want to do too much if you haven’t cut your son’s hair in a while, or he changes his mind about what he wants often. Trust me, you’ll be glad you keep their haircuts simple; it will reduce frustration and time!

Things your need for mixed black boys haircuts

Towel or barber cape

The best way to avoid cleaning a huge mess after cutting your mixed son’s hair is with a cape or towel. Note, the towel or cape should be large enough to cover the top of your son’s shoulders and go down below his legs.

Styling Comb

Keep in mind curly haircuts and fro haircuts are best cut with a styling comb. This will help you perform the task of cutting mixed boy hairstyles with ease. Use the comb to detangle the back, sides, and front parts of their hair.

Trimmer and liners

Besides a hair comb, you will need trimmer and hairline edges to properly do a curly haircut for your son. Curly hairstyles for young boys can be short or long. The hair timmers allow flexibility for long or short styles during curly haircuts.

Note, electric shape-up clippers are great for cutting curly hair hairline. Hairline edgers are the icing in haircuts for biracial black boys. Using electronic trimmers and hair liners will make mixed black boys’ haircuts super easy and fast.

Read this in-depth guide to buying The Top 10 Best Edgers for black hair!


In order to make sure that you provide perfect curly haircuts for biracial boys, you will need a mirror. A mirror will give you an accurate and clear view of your child’s head during hair cuts.

When cutting your child’s hair by yourself, be sure to use a mirror so that you can fix any mistakes you may notice. Rotating mirrors will make sure your toddler has a good view no matter how they are positioned within the chair.

So, don’t neglect using a mirror during your little boy’s curly haircuts!


It is important to use alcohol after you cut your boy’s hair. Note, quality alcohol will clean the skin around your son’s hairline. Rubbing alcohol is perfect so that all bacteria in the dirt and dust are killed off without irritating his scalp. For kids anxious about the alcohol solutions, peroxide can be used as an alternative to sanitize skin after a haircut.

These tips and tricks will help you provide your curly hair biracial boys with the best hair cuts possible.

Tips for taking curly hair biracial boys to the barbershop

The barbershop could be intimidating for a toddler or biracial boy with curly hair. A skilled barber will be able to adapt and still provide a quality haircut for your mixed son. The barbers should be aware that boys with curly, natural hair are different from men who have kinky hair. There are specific techniques that need to be used when cutting a mixed kid’s hair.

The best haircuts for black boys with mixed hair are usually high and tight haircuts. Keep in mind that this hairstyle for the baby boy will showcase their cool curls and keep up with the current trends.

Another benefit of these haircuts is they are the easiest to maintain… This is because they require little styling or product to keep them nice and cute. The barbershop needs to have products for curly mixed children, such as gel, wax, pomade, and other natural oils. This can help dads and moms style their mixed son’s curly hair at home if they want to improve the quality of their kid’s hairstyle.

The best haircuts for biracial kids should offer versatility to the curly hair texture of the child. A barber should also be able to offer a variety of haircuts for curly hair that will match any face shape…

Here are some tips for taking a curly-haired biracial boy to the barbershop:

Find a barbershop that is close to your home

It is a good idea to find a barber near your location and explore the place before you decide to take your biracial boy there. Remember, it’s important that your child feels comfortable in their surroundings… They should know the barber beforehand for a successful experience.

Some children may prefer having one specific person cut their hair for them. Finding a barber near you that are good with young children and with curly hair is tough but not impossible. Curly hairstyles are not easy to cut and not the same as African-American haircuts.

There are barbershops equipped with skilled staff who can cut mixed toddler boy haircuts. So, take the time out to research barbers near your area for the best results for your baby boy haircuts.

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Call ahead and make an appointment so you don’t have to wait in line

Calling ahead is often overlooked when planning a visit to the barber for a biracial boy’s first haircut. Setting an appointment not only saves you time but you’ll be able to prepare the barber and ask questions. If you call ahead, have a headshot of your child available to show the barber.

The last thing you want to do is wait around for a long time and have your kid sit through a haircut. That’s a recipe for disaster… You want the first haircut for your mixed toddler to be quick and easy!

Ask the barber if they have experience with biracial hair

You should be sure the barber you choose for your son has experience cutting boys with curly hair. If you are unsure of the hair groomer experience with curly hair texture, just ask!

You should avoid hiring a hairstylist with limited or no experience cutting people with curly hair. If the barber seems hesitant to cut your biracial child’s hair, or if they don’t know how then ask for a different barber. The key to providing a good biracial boy haircut is understanding how to cut it. This will assure maximum hair cut quality for your son.

Bring pictures of haircuts you like and show them to the barber before cutting their hair

Choosing the right hairstyles for boys isn’t easy, you have to take into consideration face shape, hair types, and the desired look. Unlike girls, biracial boys haircuts styles need to meet specific criteria in order to achieve a good hair cut.

  • Bring pictures of haircuts you like that suit a biracial boy’s hairstyle and show them to the barber before cutting their hair… This way he will know how much hair to cut from different areas on the head and what length is appropriate for your child’s hairstyle.

One of the best places to find images of curly hairstyles for biracial boys is on Pinterest. Pinterest offers a wide variety of haircuts and styles for biracial boys. Follow your favorite pin boards and you’ll find all the hairstyles your son will love.

I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to biracial boys haircuts styles. Follow my pin boards on Pinterest and you’ll be able to view the full gallery of biracial boys haircuts. I’m sure you will find many new ideas for kids haircuts in my Pinterest gallery!

Bring snacks or toys with you so they can enjoy themselves while getting their haircutBiracial boy haircut crying

The first visit to a barbershop could be frightening for a child. There is a lot of new sights, smells, and noises to take in all at once. It can be so overwhelming that they may start crying or even run away!


Bringing snacks or toys along with you will help distract them while getting their haircut. This could also include things like singing songs for the little ones who enjoy music. The whole process should go much smoother if your kids don’t experience any distress during it!

The benefits of having a mixed kid haircut

There are many benefits that come with having mixed hair and when cut correctly it can result is new and creative hairstyles. This is why knowing the benefit and flaws of babies hair is important!

Not everyone with little boys with mixed types of hair really knows what to do with their child’s hair. If you fall into this category, let me inform you… There are options for adorable hairstyles available to them. Here are three benefits that come with biracial hairstyles for boys and how they help your little boy look his best!

  • Mixed hair is more manageable than other types of hair – Which means that it’s easier to comb through, which will save you valuable time in the mornings.
  • There are several hairstyles that can be created on mixed children’s hair, depending on their hair length.
  • One benefit of having curly hair is that you can style your child’s hair any way you want without going outside cultural traditions.


Remember, cute hairstyles for boys are fun and a great way to show off your kid’s personality. Choosing the right biracial boys haircuts styles could make their curls look more defined!

Common mistakes parents make when cutting their biracial boys curly hair

Who doesn’t love when their babies get to go get a haircut for the first time? Don’t be caught off guard by those curls though. There are many mistakes parents make when cutting their toddler boy hair for the first time!

The right amount of pressure for your toddler or young boy hair

When cutting mixed-race boys’ hair, it often requires a delicate touch to use the right amount of pressure. You want to be aware of the amount of pressure for two reasons.

  • First, you don’t want the child to be in pain, it will cause them to squirm and move around.
  • Second, if the pressure is too heavy then it can lead to a patchy haircut. This will result in hairs cut closer than others which will cause “an uneven fade haircut”.

Curly hair often requires more patience and a lighter touch to get the right amount of pressure.

A good way to determine how much pressure you need for your mixed boy’s hair is by practicing on a model or family member with curly hair. It may take some time, but figuring out the right technique takes effort. Practice makes perfect!

Get up closes for perfect mixed race boy hairstyles

You need to get up close to your little ones to get a good cut. Hair that is high and tight or considered curly requires special attention to ensure it is cut properly. Getting close when cutting your son’s hair will ensure you do not miss any spots, thus preventing razor burns or cuts.

Avoid using dull or dirty haircutting tools

The secret to good haircuts for black curly haired boys is using sharp, clean hair clippers. You will need to routinely sanitize and change the hair clipper blades. This is because the type of hair texture biracial boys have can get tangled in the blade if your trimmer blades are not properly maintained.

Clipper blades that need to be replaced after they are dull will snag on the curls and cause a lot of pain to your baby boy. Here are some ideas to help you avoid snagging your sons curly hair during cuts:

  • Inspect the blade for any signs of hair or debris.
  • Replace dull or chipped blades with one that is sharp.
  • If you are using electric clippers, make sure to dry them after use in order to prevent rusting from moisture on blades.
  • Sanitize with alcohol and oil your clipper blade with WD-40 before and after every hair trimming.

Following these steps will assure that a toddler biracial boy haircut goes smoothly with no snagging and pain.

FAQs for biracial boys haircuts

It’s that time of the article where I answer common questions pertaining to the topic of biracial boys haircuts styles. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

How often should you give a curly hair baby boy a haircut?

Often moms and dads with mixed kids struggle with how often they should cut their children’s hair. In general, you should cut the hair about every three to six weeks. You can also refer back to your haircutting calendar and do it when that week comes up again in case you’re not sure of how often to trim their hair.

The frequency of haircuts depends on the type of hair your mixed baby has. For instance, if you have a mixed child with curly hair, then it will be harder to get their coils under control and maintain them without cutting the curls every three to six weeks.

At the end of the day, you should use the best judgment and do what you feel is best for your mixed baby’s hair.

Should biracial hair be washed before boy haircuts?

This question comes up quite often… should you wash your mixed child’s hair before a cut and when should you wash their hair.

The answer is, yes… You should wash their hair before a hair cut. Washing the hair before your baby boy haircuts will remove oils and dirt or any products in the hair. If you don’t, it makes the hair more difficult to trim and could lead to acne breakouts because of all the product buildup on their scalp.

The best time for washing your child’s hair is at night before bedtime or during a bath when they’re taking a bubble bath. This will ensure that there won’t be any more dirt or product residue in the hair.


Is good to use moisturizer in curly hair style after a haircut?

Yes, it is a good idea to moisturize the hair after your mixed boy haircuts. Moisturizing the hair will stop any hair breakage and help keep your baby boy hair healthy-looking. You should use a deep conditioner while you’re washing their hair. However, using conditioners during showers may not be enough to maintain a healthy hairstyle after a cut.

Consider adding leave-in conditioners to their curly hair styles after the haircuts. You can also use a hair mask for your mixed baby boy curly hairstyles to maintain health and rehydrate the child’s hair after it was cut.

Hair care is important for beautiful hair and boy hairstyles! For more information to better care for your child hair and keep it moisturized read the full guide about hair softening routine.

Does biracial hair change?

The hair of a mixed race toddler may change as he or she grows. It’s typically a combination of those elements like texture, color, and length.

The hair of a mixed race toddler could be curly, straight, or some combination. It may also vary in color from light to dark brown and black. These changes may effect more than your boy hairstyles… Hair changes in biracial hair could also affect how you cut and style it.

At what age does biracial boy hair start to change?

Changing hair texture for biracial children usually starts in infancy and gradually progresses over four years. This is no different for children of other races. For biracial hair, however, it is more difficult to predict the texture of their hair at any given age because they have a mix of textures.

For example:

  • Curly + straight = loose waves or slight curls
  • Curly + wavy = wavy curls with frizzy ends
  • Afro kinky coil hair (kinkier) + straight = wavey or frizzy curls

I could go on and on… The hair combinations in mixed hair are endless! As a result, your mixed child hairstyles will change as they get older. Crazy, isn’t it?!

Best way to predict mixed child hair types for hairstyles

The best way to guesstimate your mixed son’s hair type is to consider the texture of both his parents. There’s no guarantee that you will guess correctly as the variables are too high, but you can narrow it down.


Curly hair biracial boys hairstyles can be cute and stylish. With the right haircut, curly hairstyles can look great on mixed kids with a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.

The key to these hairstyles is maintenance and growing out your child’s curls over time for a more natural look.

The more you use the right products and techniques, the healthier your child’s hair will look.

When cutting a biracial boy’s curly hair at home or in a barbershop, it can be complicated to determine which haircut is best for their curls. That’s why I have created this blog post with tips on finding the perfect style according to curl type.

I hope that these suggestions help make picking out a hairstyle for mixed children easier!

Check out my other blog posts about cutting short men’s haircuts that will give you some helpful tips for both adults and children.

How did your mixed toddler’s first haircut go? 
A) It went great!
B) My toddler screamed the whole time, and I didn’t know how to console him.

I am curious 🤔; let me know in the comment section how was your child’s first hairstyling experience… You can either answer with A, B or leave full detail in the comments below!

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