Is Shaving Cream Flammable? 4 Key Safety Tips!

Is shaving cream flammable

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This article answers the question, “Is shaving cream flammable?” and provides four critical safety tips for those who work with shaving cream.

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Shaving cream is a grooming product commonly used when shaving hair off the face and other hairy body areas that need cleaning.

Several other shaving product containers are available, but people usually use shaving cream cans as these are convenient to use.

However, many ingredients in shaving cream make it a potentially hazardous product that needs extreme caution when using it.

Non-flammable shaving gel

Quick break, I’ve linked a non-flammable shaving gel that is safe to use if you are in a hurry! Make sure you return to this guide to learn more about shaving cream and how to keep yourself safe while using it.

Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream

Is shaving cream flammable?

Shaving cream is flammable and needs caution when used. When heated, shaving cream can create a dangerous aerosol that can ignite and cause a fire.

It is because the aerosols have hydrocarbons that are easily ignited when they come into contact with oxygen.

But what exactly is shaving cream made of that makes it flammable? And how can you use and keep it safely?

I’ve put together this guide to answer some common questions about shaving cream, explaining why it’s flammable and how to prevent fire hazards so you can use this helpful product without any harm. Read on!

What’s inside the shaving cream that makes it flammable?

What's inside the shaving cream that makes it flammable?

Are you always checking the ingredients of a product before buying it? Do you understand the chemical names mentioned on a shaving cream can?

The chances are you are mostly clueless! In a nutshell, a typical can of shaving cream has 80% water content, while 20% are other chemicals.

Let’s check the ingredients in shaving creams and the percentage of flammable contents, which is the main topic of our concern. According to, shaving creams have mostly these chemicals:

Palmitic acid.

Palmitic acid has some natural surfactant properties. It helps hair follicles stay upright, making it a perfect ingredient for products like shaving cream.

Stearic acid.

Stearic acid has an emulsifying effect, which is vital in shaving creams. It keeps oils and water together to give the foam a creamy consistency and provides conditioning for the skin.


It works as a degreaser and rids of extra oils on your skin, making the hair stand for easy shaving. It is known for its ability to increase the viscosity of substances. Without it, there’d be no foam on your morning shave!

Sunflower oil monoglycerides.

Fatty acids in sunflower oil are essential to keep the shaving cream in gel form instead of a liquid solution. This ingredient also helps to stabilize the foam and keep it from separating into liquid and air bubbles during use.


Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that is a cheaper alternative to glycerine. It also helps retain moisture, making the shaving experience smoother and leaving your skin hydrated.

Triethanolamine (TEA).

TEA is an organic compound used as a surfactant and foaming agent in many cosmetic products. There has been some concern with TEA because it can react with nitrosating agents to form carcinogens.

Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP).

It can stick to the hair keratin. So, it works the same way as isopentane and helps hair stand up for a smooth and enjoyable shaving experience.


It is an aerosol propellant that can be compressed into a can, so it is an essential ingredient for shaving cream cans. You’ll be unable to squirt shaving cream out of the can without this ingredient.

And this ingredient is what is responsible for making shaving creams flammable!

Polyethylene glycol PEG 90M.

This polymer has wide usage in different industries. It has the properties of a lubricant and stabilizer.

Aloe barbadensis.

It is commonly known as aloe vera and is used in many cosmetics. It also contains natural glycerin, which lubricates the skin while helping to keep the moisture intact.

Blue #1.

It’s the most common dye used in most foods and medicines. It is responsible for the brilliant blue color of shaving gel.

Should you consider shaving cream a hazard?

Shaving creams are safe to use in your daily routine if you take all precautions. However, improper handling and exposure to extreme heat or pressure build-up inside the can due to any reason can cause it to explode.

Several incidents are reported where people faced severe injuries due to mishandling of shaving cans. For these reasons, you should consider shaving cream as hazardous.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) asserts that warehouses handling aerosol cans containing consumer products should follow all chemical safety rules that apply to refineries.

These extremely flammable cans should never be in direct sunlight or exposed to open flames in the storage area.

Compressed cans are also a potential hazard for storage facility workers, so keep the dangers of shaving cream containers in mind.

Are all shaving creams flammable?

Generally speaking, almost all brands of shaving cream are flammable. However, some brands are non-flammable.

So next time you’re in the store, look at the label to see what’s in there and whether or not it’s combustible.

If unsure about the shaving product you use, you can check its flammability by heating a small amount of shaving cream on a spoon over a candle.

If it catches fire, then it confirms it’s flammable. However, I will advise you not to take such risks! 

Is Barbasol shaving cream flammable?

It turns out that Barbasol shaving cream is highly flammable. The company warns to keep it away from heat, sparks, hot surfaces, and open flames.

This means smoking while using Barbasol shaving cream is out of the question!

Is Gillette shaving foam flammable?

Gillent is no exception! The contents are in a pressurized container and include isobutane, making it an explosion hazard in extreme conditions.

Are shaving creams for women any different?

Shaving creams for women have the same ingredients as any regular shaving solution meant for men. You can use them interchangeably without any concerns.

The only difference you’ll find is in fragrance, as the smell of women shaving cream is more feminine. And to erase any doubts, women shaving gel are also typically flammable!

What are the alternatives to shaving cream?


You can use several non-flammable alternatives instead of shaving cream. For example, you can use shaving soap to create the lather and then shave with a razor.

Another option is to use an electric shaver, which does not even require shaving cream!

However, if you are into DIY, here is a video to an all-natural, non-toxic shaving cream recipe. Thank me later!

Is shaving cream flammable 4 Critical Safety Tips youtube


Safety considerations for shaving cream usage and storage.

Safety considerations for shaving cream usage and storage.

Use and store shaving cream with caution because it can potentially combust. However, there are many ways to use it safely for your grooming without fear of fire hazards.

  1. Don’t buy damaged can – Inspect the can closely before buying. If a can is dented or bulging, it’s best to choose another one in perfect condition. Also, be cautious if you spot any tempering with the seal. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Keep out of reach of children – Children should not be playing with compressed cans. To prevent any dangerous risk, keep your shaving cream in a safe place where they cannot access it.
  3. Store in a cool, dry place – Always keep the shaving cream can in a cool, dry place. The shaving cream will last longer if it is not exposed to heat or humidity and will not pose any safety hazards.
  4. Throw away rusty can – Humidity in the bathroom can cause shaving cream cans to rust. Dispose of any rusty shaving cream cans, even if you haven’t opened them. The moisture can cause any mishap.

Best non-flammable shaving cream cans on the market.

You need the right razor and shaving cream when shaving your beard or other body hair. Both tools need to be gentle on the skin to prevent irritation and effective at getting a close shave.

Here is a recommendation of the best non-flammable shaving cream on the market:

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This non-flammable shaving cream is clinically tested for sensitive skin and protects against razor burn and irritation. The rich mixture of Art of Shaving’s Sandalwood Shaving Cream for Men is the perfect consistency for a close shave.

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Shaving cream cans are indisposable if you care about your appearance and want to make the shaving routine a pleasurable experience. However, they have their downsides. Now you have found the answer to the question, “Is shaving cream flammable?”

Keep all safety tips in mind when handling a shaving cream can and storing it for later use. Be informed, and be safe!

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