Biotin results after 1 week: Explosive results that will shock you!

biotin results after 1 week

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Men with hair issues get the truth about biotin results after 1 week!

You know thinning hair is a problem as there is more in your sink than there used to be, but experts claim supplements like biotin are the answer with personal stories of biotin results after 1 week.

Biotin, or Vitamin B, is the primary vitamin that helps make hair grow, skin glow and nails look healthy. Women have been looking at it for some time but now men are taking it to stop the impending doom of male pattern baldness. 

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The Problem for Men

There’s plenty of research linking hair issues like baldness to biotin deficiency, according to Healthline. Researchers found in 2019 that men experiencing hair loss were also had lower levels of biotin compared to men with no hair loss. 

Although no direct link between the two was found, the research was enough to get men interested in taking this hair-helping vitamin.

A Doctor’s Personal Story

Robinia Brock, Ph.D., also known as “Dr. Ro” said she had a personal experience with biotin when she had hair loss due to a bad perm. In her story told to Ebony Magazine, Brock said her dermatologist advised using the vitamin along with reducing stress.

Brock said she took 5,000 micrograms of biotin a day along with using a hair solution for topical use. She said she created her hair solution using herbal oils. Her concoction consisted of oils from thyme, Vitamin E, rosemary, sweet almond, great seed, and peppermint or lemon.

Her hair is back to normal, growing in length to match the rest of her locks.

Studies are limited

There aren’t many studies demonstrating biotin results after 1 week or at all. That is especially true for men. There was one study involving 30 women who thought they had thinning hair. They participated in a double-blind study using placebos as well as biotin supplements.

Their hair growth and thickness greatly improved after 90 days. However, their supplement also included other hair-growing helps like zinc, amino acids, and Vitamin C.

How Biotin Works

Biotin is linked to something called keratin synthesis, and most believe that is why it works so quickly to restore hair length and volume. The protein keratin is the primary substance that creates soft healthy hair.

Biotin helps keratin absorb and work properly, so a deficit of it could lead to bad hair because the keratin process is broken.

I should also point out that biotin is one of the numerous B vitamins that help supports a healthy metabolism. This is particularly useful for men who are interested in losing weight while growing their hair.

The biotin switches glucose from carbohydrates to energy for your body.

I should also mention that the aids amino acids also carry out regular bodily functions. Biotin is also beneficial by promoting skin health, nail growth and most importantly reduce inflammation.

Does Biotin Help Prevent Hair Loss?

One of the common questions I am asked often is whether or not biotin can stop baldness. Though the B7 vitamin works great for hair growth in men, it, however, does little to stop genetic hair loss.

Most often than not hair loss is caused by genetics, stress or depression, poor nutrition, and or some medications. Biotin is great for your hair, but it is limited and cannot replace more potent options. If you are experiencing excessive hair shedding, I suggest visiting for treatment options.

You’ll be able to speak to certified medical professionals who can direct you to the best alternatives. They’ll be able to provide information and prescribe treatments like Minoxidil, or Propecia also known as Finasteride!

Why would someone need biotin for hair growth?

The human body needs biotin to help transform certain nutrients into energy. Think of it as a bridge to get from point A to point B. I should point out that the biotin vitamin also plays a vital role in the wellbeing of your hair, skin, and nails.

As you see, biotin offers many beneficial values for different things! Though the vitamin can do a lot for your health, this article will focus on the advantages it provides for your hair. With that said, let’s get back on track!

When it comes to hair, you’ll find there are two types of people who need biotin. In some instances, you can find yourself falling into one or two categories I am going to mention. Let’s go over the common candidates for biotin usage!

  • Poor hair health – Yup, you guessed it… Biotin can help improve the quality of your hair! It’s important to note, biotin deficiency or low vitamin levels in your system could lead to hair loss or breakage. Research has shown consistent usage and the right amount of the vitamin could increase thickness and hair shine.
  • Hair thinning – The most common reason for biotin usage in men is because of hair thinning. Researchers have stated the first step in combating hair thinning is to increase biotin intake if you’re biotin deficient. The boost of biotin dosage may assist in hair growth and fuller hair.

We’ll go over the right biotin dosage and the effects of the vitamin if too much is taken at once later on in the article. Let’s touch on a couple of things first before we talk about the right biotin daily dose for you!

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What are some of the side effects of biotin?

If you are worried about developing side effects from biotin then rest assure the chances of that isn’t likely. Some studies have shown in rare cases of people who drastically increase biotin intake show negative reaction to the vitamin.

Biotin issues

Though, most people who consume biotin never experience any side effects, even when they increase biotin dosage. However, I should mention there is a small population of people who either overdo it or are actually allergic to the B12 vitamin.

Vitamin B12 (Biotin) Allergy

You may find that there are some people who have a natural allergic reaction to biotin. This is because certain people reject the vitamin causing reactions in the body.

Individuals who experience allergic reactions to the vitamin can expect common symptoms such as:

  • Throat swelling
  • Rashes
  • Nausea
  • Face swelling

In some extreme instances, some people may develop acne on the chin and jawline. I should point out there is also a connection of acne from overdosing biotin. Keep that in mind if you’ve considered taking more than the recommended amount of vitamin b7.

Three ways to get biotin into your system!

There are three ways people can take biotin for it to be effective. The vitamin can be consumed orally, apply directly to the skin, or administered as an injection. However, how safe is it to take biotin in each of the three forms? Well, let’s deep dive and talk about it!

Ingested biotin

I am sure your wondering “Is it safe to take biotin by mouth?”. I assure you biotin is safe as long as you take the correct dosage. In the worst-case scenario, you may notice some minor reactions if you take more than the suggested amount. Overall, taking biotin orally is not fatal to humans.

Biotin skin contact

The second most common utilization of biotin is to apply it to the skin. This could be in the way of shampoo, conditioners, or lotions. I’ll tell you flat out applying biotin to your skin is fairly safe as most products contain 0.6% of the vitamin. That’s a very small amount if you think about it. I use biotin shampoos and conditioner on a regular basis, I’ve never had any problems.

Biotin shot

Biotin injections are the least common form of taking the vitamin. Often biotin supplement isn’t fully absorbed when taken by mouth, hence, the reason someone when need to inject the vitamin. When Biotin is injected instead of ingested, it boosts biotin levels and takes effect much faster.

As for safety, the injections have a higher risk factor than the other two biotin intake methods. The improper intramuscular or unsanitary condition could be extremely dangerous to your health. If you decide to go this route, make sure you seek a professional or you receive proper training in administering the vitamin.

Biotin supplement that is administered within a sanitized setting and properly injected following guidelines are safe for the most part… For more information about biotin injection by doctors visit

Biotin consistency for fast result

Whether you’re interested in biotin results after a week or long-term effect daily consumption is key to its efficacy. Being inconsistent when taking biotin will definitely vary your results. It’s also important to understand that, as with any supplement, hair growth will not happen overnight.

You’ll most likely see results after about a month or so, but some people notice a difference in as little as two weeks. Biotin has also been shown to increase nail and eyelash growth and can even be a great treatment for people who are suffering from eczema.

Even alopecia has been shown to respond positively when biotin is introduced. If you’re using it to treat a medical condition, however, remember to consult your doctor. It’s been shown to decrease the effectiveness of some heart and anti-seizure medications.

Let’s get down to the facts… When talking about how much b7 vitamin dosage would be needed to see biotin results after 1 week the amount can vary. This is because of your metabolism and how well your body absorbs the organic hair enhancement product.

Through my research, I found the best amount to maximize b7 results is about 2 to 5 mg (2000 to 5000 mcg). This amount will help strengthen your shaft and follicles which will reduce hair falls.

How long does it take to see results from taking biotin?

With anything good in this world, the key to positive results is patients. Understand, hair growth doesn’t just happen instantly… You will need to have consistency and a little patience when taking biotin for hair growth. Often people expect a quick turnaround, you must allow the vitamin to be absorbed and work its magic.

According to the National Institute of Health, significant hair growth results may be seen in just 90 days of continuous biotin uses. However, in some cases, people saw results in less time!

Note, those who saw rapid effects used the vitamin longer and were consuming a higher dose. Under normal circumstances, you can expect the biotin vitamin effects to includes an increase in growth and shine in 3 months.

Options of consuming Biotin vitamin for hair growth

Keep in mind Biotin treatment can be taken as either a tablet or gummy form. Note, both methods of oral consumption of the B7 vitamin is effective! Conversely, many supplements and vitamins that contain biotin are not completely absorbed by our bodies through ingestion.

In such a case, the intramuscular injection may be necessary to achieve the maximum level of the B7 vitamin. Studies have shown the shot is efficient in boosting biotin levels and works much faster. Patients who were injected with the biotin shot saw results in their hair 75% more than those who take it orally. That quite a difference!

Ingest Biotin

Tablet – Most product brands encourage that the biotin pills be taken once or twice a day depending on the dosage. You can find b7 tablets at your local pharmacy or through an online retailer. Consider Andrews Lessman Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nail tablets on The biotin brand is Dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and offers 360 capsules for a fair price.

Gummies – The chewable form of the b7 vitamin is a great source of biotin for people who are on the go! It is convenient and offers various dosages to accommodate everyone’s specific needs. As always, I got you covered! Visit Amazon for Vegan Biotin Gummy Vitamins 5000 mcg for Hair, Skin & Nails… Whether you’re a meat-eater or a vegan you can enjoy the great tasting vitamin just the same!

Drops – The third form of vitamin B for consumption is the liquid drops. Most often, people wonder if liquid biotin drips work as well as the other forms of consuming the vitamin. According to bioavailability metrics, biotin drops are useful nutrients that are absorbed quickly into your bloodstream and are used and stored by the cells. This means vitamin B is activated within the system for fast results. SBR Nutrition liquid biotin supplement could be found through

As you see, all three oral biotin therapy are capable of getting the job done effectively. The essential nutrients all have benefits and drawbacks and could produce results in hair growth.

applying biotin to hair

Can we apply biotin directly to my hair? Yes, you can apply biotin directly by the way of shampoos, conditioners and hair oils. Taking Biotin pills daily may not be enough to get you that long lush hair on its own.

In such a case, this is where applying biotin topically directly to your hair. Let’s expand a little more about putting vitamin B7 to the hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner – As I mentioned earlier, biotin results after 1 week are pretty rare… However, there are a few things you can do to speed up the timeframe for positive hair results. Aside from taking daily biotin pills, a good idea is to apply B vitamins directly to your hair.

You’re wondering “does biotin shampoo and conditioner really work?”. Though there isn’t a magic ingredient that can completely stop hair loss, daily B7 shampooing, and conditioning could help. The nourishment from the vitamin-filled shampoo and conditioner will strengthen the hair follicle which will reduce excessive hair shedding.

Can you use biotin shampoo every day?

You can use shampoo and biotin daily, however, it is wise to accompany it with a B7 conditioner. Doing so will allow your hair to sustain moisture and reduce dry hair and breakage.

I should point out, if you’re someone who has coarse or dry hair, I would advise against shampooing every day. This will result in your hair being stripped of its natural oils, consider washing with B7 vitamin every other day.

Inject Biotin

Typically, vitamin b7 injections are reserved for people who suffer from genetic deficiencies that prevent absorption of nutrients. This is most commonly the case in pregnant women.

Biotin for pregnant women

As a side note, if you’re a pregnant woman, biotin could be beneficial to you during your pregnancy as well. Through my research, I found that 30 mcg for pregnant women and 35 for women who breastfeed pay dividends.

Not only will it prevent the complications that come with biotin deficiencies, but also, you’ll enhance hair, skin, and nail condition. Just thought I’d provide that additional bit of information!

How can I monitor biotin results after 1 week?

The best way to know if biotin is working in your hair growth is to simply check the length. A good idea to start is to measure your hair before you begin the vitamin b7 treatment. This could be done with a measuring tape or simple string and marking the current length.

Both methods will help you easily identify your hair growth progress during the b7 supplement treatment. Remember to routinely check for growth and mark it on a string or write the new measurements in your notes.

These are the best ways to check your biotin results after 1 week!

Does biotin make you hairy?

You may be wondering if biotin makes you hairy… Especially in wanted and unwanted areas of your body! The B7 vitamin will increase overall body hair. You can expect to see thicker hair growth on your legs, arms, chest, back, and on your face!

For a young man going through puberty that sounds great and may even rush online to buy biotin products! However, what if you’re a woman? Thicker hair growth may not be something you want, especially not on your back chin, or chest.

This is where proper dosage comes into play… women, just be wise and responsible when you take the biotin vitamin.

Does biotin thicken hair?

Most people who experience thinning hair usually spend time, resources, and energy looking for options to resolve the issue. Often during research, you’ll find biotin at the top of the list for cheap options for thinning hair treatment. Though, vitamin B7 will not regrow new hair it can, however, reduce hair loss and thicken hair follicle.

The vitamin improves the overall quality of the hair that includes shine and health.

If you’re experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, biotin may assist in regrowth. There’s some research to suggest that increased biotin intake can improve overall hair quality, including thickness and shine.

Biotin is a B vitamin often recommended for hair health. Since biotin deficiency can lead to thinning of the hair, proponents claim that taking biotin supplements—in pill or gummy form—or using biotin-enriched shampoo and hair products can thicken hair and stimulate hair and nail growth.

Is it best to take biotin in the morning or at night?

The million-dollar question is “when is the best time of day to take biotin?” … This is something most people who are new to taking vitamin b struggle with. The best time to take biotin may vary when you are attempting to maximize the results of biotin in the hair.

Let me first tell you, that Biotin falls under the B-vitamin umbrella which means it offers a boost in energy. Taking a B7 product before bed could cause restlessness and may not necessarily be more beneficial to you.

With that said, the best time to take biotin for hair growth is in the mornings. I suggest taking the b vitamin before or right after breakfast, this will help you absorb the water-soluble better.

Biotin Is Safe

Brock said taking biotin supplements doesn’t have any health risks. She cautions on the types of vitamins you should take though because some are better than others. People looking to add vitamins to their routine should take those with standardized nutrients, she said.

During the interview, Brock said everyone should take a daily multivitamin, but doing that means you won’t need so much biotin. She said 5,000 micrograms of biotin daily is enough when combined with a multivitamin.

Taking more than that is a waste as it won’t do anything more for your hair and you will just urinate it out.

Diet for Hair

Whether you know it or not, you consume biotin every single day. Most of the food you eat contains biotin, some have a higher level than others. Keep reading the article for a list of rich biotin foods.

One thing people, especially men, are neglecting is their diet. Even if you expect biotin results after 1 week, you still need a good, balanced, nutritious diet to support hair growth and maintaining healthy hair over your life.

Brock said diet is a key factor in growing natural hair. She said adding colorful vegetables and fruits to your plate is important. Her formula is to divide her plate where one quarter is lean meats like chicken, turkey, or fish with another quarter consisting of whole processed grains. Half of the plate should be fruits and vegetables.

List of biotin-rich foods

Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 or H, is a B vitamin found in small amounts in a number of foods, such as eggs and nuts. It is often added to oral hair growth supplements to nourish thinning hair and help promote hair growth.

  1. Avocado
  2. Broccoli
  3. Yeast
  4. Mushroom
  5. Sweet potatoes
  6. Banana
  7. Nuts and seeds
  8. Liver
  9. Egg yolks
  10. Legumes
  11. Milk
  12. Salmon

Drink Water

Brock said water is also crucial in promoting lasting hair growth in men. People should drink enough ounces that equal half their body weight. For instance, someone weighing 200 pounds should drink 100 ounces of water daily.

Men concerned about baldness, bad, unhealthy hair, or hair growth can try biotin without fear of causing other problems and could see minimal biotin results after 1 week. Your chances of success will increase when combining biotin with a solid multivitamin, a possible topical treatment, and a diet switch. However, your changes also need to focus on caring for your hair long-term to keep it looking great over your lifetime.


There you have it, biotin results after 1 week are possible but only at the very minimum. You will see biotin full hair growth effects in about 90 days. Of course, the results of vitamin B7 vary based on each individual.

Keep in mind, b-vitamin increase energy and best suited to consume the supplement during the morning after breakfast. Avoid taking more than 5000 mcg of biotin… As there are no added advantages nor does it speed up hair thickness.

Remember, you can gain access to biotin vitamins without spending additional money at the store. A biotin rich diet consisting of protein, nuts, and vegetables could be enough to keep your hair growing and healthy.

In closing, it is rare to see biotin results after 1 week, however, implementing vitamin b7 and multivitamins into your daily hair routine could pay dividends!

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