Barber Tips To Fix Bad Toddler Boy Haircut [2023 Update]

bad toddler boy haircut

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Last thing you want to deal with before a family photo is a bad toddler boy haircut. Let’s face it; you want everything to be perfect! A horrible baby haircut could potentially cause you not to share your son’s individual photos on social media. Don’t worry; I’ll share several emergency tips throughout the article to help you fix your child’s horrible haircut!

Though a terrible baby haircut is temporary, bad baby haircut photos last forever and may be used as blackmail so kids will do chores. As evil as that sounds, it does work… my parents threatened me with my bad first baby haircut picture until this day. I know, just terrible!

For the parent who isn’t as evil as mine, rest assured that your son’s hair will eventually grow back.

Items you will need if you cut your kid’s hair.

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What is a bad baby haircut?

A bad baby haircut is when the toddler’s hair is cut unevenly, resulting in patches or crooked baby hairline. The bad toddler boy haircut usually occurs when the child constantly moves or cries during the haircut.

This means, to qualify as a terrible toddler haircut, there will be noticeable flaws in the child’s haircut. You’ll notice there’s a difference between the level’s hair is cut, especially in trending baby hairstyles like fades and tapers.

When you looked at a good baby haircut from the side or back, you should not see lines or spots darker or lighter. Looking at the baby’s haircut from the front, there should be nothing sticking out or the child’s crooked hairline.

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What causes a bad toddler boy haircut?

A bad toddler boy haircut could cause by many things; I’ll give you a few examples in this section. Don’t worry; I’ll throw different scenarios or reasons for a horrible baby haircut throughout the article!

  • Bad barber – A inexperienced barber is at the top of the list for bad baby boy haircuts. Cutting hair is a skill that takes years to perfect; a barber with limited experience cutting tends to deliver bad haircuts.
  • Moist hair – Most barbers will not cut a child’s hair if it is wet or saturated in hair products. When the hair is wet, it is extremely difficult to cut, which causes imperfections. I always suggest washing your child’s hair a day before getting a haircut for the best baby haircut outcome.
  • Technique – Poor technique will surely equate to a terrible haircut; no if and but about it. Hand and head positioning, as well as understanding shades, are very important for a good haircut.
  • Discomfort – Your child would rather be doing anything else than sitting in a barber chair with a buzzing noise and seeing their hair fall. If they become uncomfortable for any reason, they’ll be inclined to be disruptive to get out of the barber chair. An unhappy baby will cause hell resulting in a terrible haircut!

As I mention, there are many reasons a boy may have a bad haircut. Again, the factor I listed above are not the only reason a baby’s haircut turned out bad. Again, I’ll talk about other factors throughout the article; if I forget anything, please share in the comment section below!

How to spot terrible toddler haircuts?

Usually, it isn’t very hard to spot a terrible baby haircut… Honestly, most parents will notice the flawed toddler haircut right away. There are Some cases where a bad child haircut isn’t easily noticed. Here are a few key details to look for to determine if your baby has a bad haircut.

  • Uneven baby hairline – A crooked hairline on a baby is actually really hard to spot if you don’t look closely. Often the toddler hairline is very thin, so a flaw in the baby hairline is unnoticeable. I wouldn’t make much of a rift about as attempting to straighten may become uncomfortable for your toddler.
  • Patches – Keep an eye out for bald patches after a kid’s haircut. Uneven haircuts with patches indicate your son has a horrible haircut.
  • Unsymmetrical taper – Uneven side tapers are usually a big factor in a bad haircut in kids. Often, you’ll find that one side of the toddler taper is higher or darker than the other side.
  • Neglected Back neckline – Always be sure to check the back of your child’s neck for hair stragglers after a haircut. Hair left at the neckline of a baby will ruin their haircut.
  • Substantial cuts or Redness – Pay attention to cuts and red sours on your child’s head after a haircut. Red irritation is usually a sign there is too much pressure or the hair cutting tools may be dirty.

Make sure you closely examine your baby hair after a haircut to spot imperfections. Key points of the haircut to look at are the sides, back, and front of the head. By inspecting your child’s hair, you will learn what to look for and get it corrected on the spot.

Can all terrible baby haircuts be fixed?

For the most part, a bad haircut on a toddler can be fixed… It honestly depends on how bad your son’s haircut is. It takes a barber with a lot of experience and patients no to mess up a toddler’s haircut… Often children have a hard time sitting still in a barber’s chair.

Funny enough, a few months ago, my three-year-old son got a bad haircut after I took him to the barber shop. I should have known better that day; he was irritable and bouncing around. Let’s just the hyper behavior didn’t stop once he was in the barber chair; it got worse.

At the end of the haircut, my son’s hair looked terrible… like bad, really bad! I’ll be honest, I was a little annoyed with the situation but didn’t get mad at the barber. Luckily, I was able to fix my son haircut once we got home, and he settled down.

I assure you the kid friend haircut tips that I will share are easy and work on any active child. All

Is it harder to give children with behavior disorders haircuts?

I flat out tell you YES, it is harder to give a child with a behavior disorder a haircut. Though it may be harder to cut their hair, it surely isn’t impossible.

Children with behavior disorders such as oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder (CD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are harder to give a haircut. Keep in mind these children often struggle to sit in one place, which may result in a child with a bad haircut.

It just takes more care, patients, and trying the orthodox methods to cut a child with ADD hair than it would for a child without behavior disorder. Let’s be clear; it’s no one’s fault when a child is being disruptive or more interested in the hair clippers than the actual haircut. Kids are curious little creatures!

The trick is to use situations like that to your advantage; once you can do that, your haircut will become a breeze! I will share more actual tips deeper into the article! It’s important that you’re able to detect and understand the reasons for a terrible kids’ haircut before applying my methods.

Are terrible baby haircuts refundable by the barber?

This is such a touchy and tricky subject… honesty, refunds for a bad baby boy haircut just depend on the circumstances. Some incidents that occur during a baby haircut may not be the barber’s fault.

I know… I know barbers are professionals and are supposed to provide perfect haircuts no matter the circumstance! That’s just unfair; you cannot expect perfection without obstacles. There are instances where a barber may come across a child who will make cutting their hair complete hell.

Difficult children cause mistakes in their haircut… my three-year-old son experienced it firsthand. In such an incident, a refund for a bad toddler boy haircut is unfair to expect.

However, if your son is sitting still and behaving during a haircut and the barber manages to mess up a baby’s haircut, then a refund is fair. When there is a bad haircut due to barber errors such as uneven hairline, patches, or not following directions, the barber should offer a refund.

Rules to ask the barber for a refund because of a bad toddler boy haircut

  • Point out errors – Be sure to show your barber his mistake and allow them the opportunity to fix their errors if possible. Pointing out the problem with the haircut will validate your argument for a bad haircut refund.
  • Don’t be rude – Often, people make the mistake of being having an attitude when they’re unhappy with their haircut… Being rude is not the answer. No matter how annoyed you are, the best route to get a refund be kind and remain kind. In other words, treat your barber how you’d like to be treated.
  • Be firm – Being firm show’s the barber you know what you’re talking about and are not a pushover. Please keep in mind that being firm is not the same thing as being rude.

Following the rules above will help when asking for a refund go so much smoother! Just like the saying goes, “You’ll attract more bees with honey than vinegar” that applies to your barber when asking for a refund. Just keep that in mind if you find yourself in that circumstance!

How do I get my baby to sit still for a haircut?

bad baby haircut

If you’re a parent, I don’t need to tell you how difficult it is to get your kids to settle down… Now, imagine asking them to sit still for twenty-five to forty-five minutes for a haircut. The older your child is, the easier it is to get them to sit for a haircut, but if they’re between eight months to five years old, it’s near impossible.

Well, near impossible if you don’t use the right techniques. Take a look at some of the tips below to help reduce movement during a baby haircut.

Preparing for child’s first haircut

  • Timing – This one is important; pick a time that best fits your child’s schedule. This means avoiding setting barber appointments during their meal time, nap time, or usual cranky hours.
  • Arrange with barber – prearrange your baby’s haircut before just walking in and communicate what may be needed for your child. Doing so will help the barber provide a good haircut experience for your kid. Also, familiarize your child with a barbershop setting by taking them with you whenever you get a haircut. Trust me; it’ll help!
  • Expect the unexpected – You’d be surprised how many kids hate wearing barber capes… In such case, bring an extra t-shirt just in case they don’t want to wear the cape. Keep in mind that children love to stand out with special items that no one else has… This means little boys that love heroes may keep their superhero capes on!

During baby haircut

  • Hold your baby – I found out that placing my son on my lap while holding and comforting him during a haircut usually reduces movement. Children tend to respond well to familiarity when they’re in an unfamiliar situation… Take advantage of the opportunity to exploit the situation and bond with your son!
  • Distract your child – Distracting your children with their favorite shows on either a phone or tablet may do the trick. If you’re able to distract them while holding them, their haircut will be done without any hiccups. However, keep in mind holding your kid during a haircut may not be an option, don’t worry; distracting your child will still work!
  • Avoid scary words – Remember, kids, listen to everything that you say, even more, when they’re getting a haircut. Avoid using scary words like “cut,” which may be scary for some kids. Instead, use words like “trim” or “style” while they’re getting a haircut.

Keep in mind that preparing and using the methods listed above could help keep your child in the barber’s chair during a haircut.

How to avoid a bad toddler boy haircut?

A terrible baby boy haircut could be avoided by being vigilant while the child is in the barber chair. You’d be surprised how many parents who don’t pay attention to their children once they’re in the barber’s chair.

However, during a baby haircut, the patient should be paying attention and making sure all is going well. Not to mention it’s just good practice to keep an eye on your own kid no matter the circumstance.

Does hair type cause a bad first baby haircut?

A baby’s hair type totally makes a difference in the outcome of their haircut! Now combine that with an inexperienced barber; chances are you’ll end up with a bad toddler boy haircut.

Keep in mind there are four main types of hair: straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. In some cases, a child may also have a combination of these types of hair on their head. My son has a combination of my have, which is wavy hair, and his mother hair straight hair. It’s a challenge cutting my son’s hair with trimmers; now, imagine trying to cut his hair while he’s moving. Yeah, I know!

I had to learn how to cut my son’s hair, it took a while, and it wasn’t easy. I had the luxury of many attempts before perfecting my kid’s haircut; barbers don’t get the same luxury.

  • Hair texture – Keep in mind that hair texture comes down to fine, medium, or coarse. The texture is defined by the diameter of each individual hair strand of your child’s hair. The type of hair your child has may dictate the hairstyle and outcome of the haircut.
  • Hair type – It’s important for a barber to understand a baby’s hair type before cutting their hair. This will help the barber choose the right hair cutting tools and the right hairstyles. Without knowing your hair type may also lead to a bad toddler boy haircut.

Whether you take your kid to the barber shop or cut their hair at home, it’s important that you understand their hair type. Understanding their hair may be the difference between a great toddler haircut and a bad one.

How do I fix my toddler boy’s haircut?

Remember, a bad baby haircut isn’t the end of the world; just a bit of adjusting! There are a few things you can do to resolve a bad toddler boy haircut. You should be looking at the following way to resolve a terrible haircut on a toddler.

  • Ask for a redo – if your baby’s haircut is bad because of something minor, you can easily ask the barber to fix it. Therefore, observing the barber cut your son’s hair is important, you’ll be able to spot the error, and they can correct it on the spot.
  • Go to a different barber – Though this option isn’t cost-effective, it may be the answer. Some barbers are just better than others. Consider switching barbers if the current barber has difficulty cutting your child’s hair.
  • Fix it yourself – Honestly, sometimes it is better to take action and fix it yourself! This option may not be for everyone. By cutting your son’s hair at home, you’ll be able to save money and cut their hair the way you want it.
  • Hide it – When all else fails, just cover up a terrible baby haircut with a hat until their hair grows back.

The bright side of cutting your son’s hair at home is you’ll become better if you’re not already a pro! Not to mention learning to cut your kid’s hair from home is not a bad idea since all barber shops are closed because of a virus outbreak.

Do certain hair-cutting tools work better than others when cutting a toddler’s hair?

The million-dollar question is… will the hair cutting tools affect your child’s hair. Though A bad toddler boy haircut could be caused by many things, yes, the tools used could affect a haircut!

  • Old tools – You should know that old worn hair clippers could cause a bad toddler boy haircut. When the trimmers are old, they cause uneven hair and even cause discomfort for your baby during the haircut. To determine if your haircutting tool is old, look for chips in the teeth or rust trimmers.
  • Adequate haircutting tool – I can’t say this enough, use the right tool for the job at hand! It is extremely hard to cut a baby hair with an adult trimmer. Baby hair trimmers are smaller and aren’t as aggressive or intimidating. The Philips Kids Hair Clipper is safe, quiet, and can be used to cut a child’s hair at home.

Having the right tool makes a huge difference when cutting a baby boy’s hair. It’s not impossible to cut a child’s hair with regular trimmers; the baby trimmers make it easier. This means less movement and resistance, resulting in a better baby haircut.

Does the age of a baby matter when cutting a baby’s hair?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes! A child’s age determines whether your toddler boy has a bad haircut. I don’t want to spend too much time on this subject but let’s take a look at the age breakdown.

  • One and Under – You could expect a child who is one and under to be more sensitive to the noise of the trimmers. Young children should also be handled even gentler during their haircuts as they are more fragile. Babies are unlikely to cooperate during their haircut as well.
  • Two to three – Children in the two to four-year bracket tend to be difficult as well but for different reasons. This age bracket tends to be easily distracted and move the most during a haircut. This could be a challenge for most inexperienced barbers.
  • Four to five – This age bracket tends to do a little better than the ages mentioned prior! By the time your child is about four years old, they’ve had plenty of haircuts and are out terror two stages! Though they are still obstacles to cutting their hair, it isn’t nearly as bad.

As you can see, the older your child becomes, the easier their haircuts become. However, keep in mind each age brackets bring along different ossicles that a barber must adapt to.

Things you’ll need to fix a horrible baby haircut at home!

You will need a few things to be able to cut a kid’s hair at home. If you’re not used to cutting hair, the task may sound intimidating, but trust me, it isn’t as bad as you think. Watch a few YouTube videos of how to cut children’s hair, and with some practice, you’ll be fine!

  • Alcohol – You will need rubbing alcohol or peroxide to disinfect after a baby haircut. Keep in mind if you use alcohol after a haircut, your child will experience discomfort; peroxide may be an ideal alternative.
  • Barber cape – Consider using a haircut cape when cutting your child haircut; this will reduce mess when cutting hair at home.
  • Baby hair trimmers The right hair trimmer is essential for a good baby boy haircut and makes it way easier.
  • Patients – You will certainly need patients when cutting your child’s hair at home… Trust me, they’ll test your patients.
  • Toys and tablets – Toys and tablets help keep your child occupied and distracted, which helps while a parent is cutting kids’ hair.


A bad toddler boy haircut isn’t the end of the world for your child; it can easily be fixed! Keep it mind fixing a messed-up baby haircut will take some simple steps to make the haircut look better.

Let’s say you decide to cut your baby’s hair at home; you will need the right tools like a baby hair trimmer. Also, consider watching a DIY baby haircut video before cutting your child’s hair, just to be on the safe side.

Though this article is not a baby haircut guide, it does cover a lot about the topic. I try to give you a bang for your visit… Shoulder shrugs!

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